Major subconscious healing...

Laura Aiisha, I’m LOVIN’ your songs!! I listen to them all the time. The other night “I Feel Like Singing” was playing in my dream! Those songs must be doing some major subconscious healing."

Adilah Curry, Serial Entrepreneur

Thank you for sharing your heArt...

I have been listening to your album a few times per week and the last few days have been waking up with one of your songs playing in my mind! Loving it! Thank you for sharing your heArt."

Jennifer Russo, Yogi, Healer, Artist, Mama

You help others recognize and unleash their own power...

You are a venue or an avenue that allows and inspires others to express what they didn't know they had inside of them, or were never brave enough to share! Basically you help others recognize and unleash their own power!"

Dana Stein, School Teacher, Philanthropist, Evolutionary Goddess

Laura is an angel on earth.

From the moment I was introduced to Laura, I just knew I had to work with her. Her spirit and energy are so infectious and uplifting, and exactly what I needed to take my life to the next level. She was the catalyst I needed to actualize the goals that were in me, but I had not acknowledged. As a result of my coaching sessions with Laura, I am feeling highly empowered and simply blessed. Her wisdom and encouragement have inspired me to keep showing up every day. She has given me a new sense of gratitude for life’s blessings. I am forever grateful for the experience to work with such a phenomenal human being.

Alyssa VanDurme, Client

I recommend Laura to anyone...

By encouraging me to launch & uplevel with my new food business, Laura was able to key in to the valuable gifts that I have & bring those talents to the surface to share with others. I started cooking vegan meals for people on the go in November 2012. I now have 6 clients for a weekly food pick-up & it's growing. As a stay at home Mom seeking new ways to generate more income, I've grown my business to a place where it is profitable. Laura's love, guidance & encouragement has boosted my self-esteem. It is comforting to know that I am always being supported by her. I recommend Laura to anyone who needs help getting a business started or needs help taking it to the next level.

I feel so blessed...

Your workshop was so inspiring.  You are truly gifted on so many levels.  You inspired me not to give up, and your best advice was to let go of things that never belonged to me in the first place.  I feel so blessed to have been part of your workshop, and grateful for all that you shared.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pamela Sant Allen
Veiled Ambitions

I know I am on track to greatness...

Sarah Haykel

Having the time to spend on my business and receiving your support was invaluable. I have taken some bigger steps in my business since we started working together and this feels really good. I know I am on the track to greatness.

I am grateful that you really brought the doing and the feeling together so I can get a feel for both with each other. I am grateful for our work together.

I feel so energized, so purposeful....

Janet Hinkel

I wanted to thank you for your awesome, UPLIFTING suggestions. In the two weeks after the November 18 Femme Entrepreneur meeting, EVERYTHING has changed - in the best possible ways.

I feel so good, so light, so energized, so happy, so purposeful. The changes I've made/experienced are a direct result of your suggestions and encouragement, so THANK YOU!

Janet Hinkel
Serial Femmepreneur