Giving thanks for all of it => 2013

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU 2013 and all of the years before that and all of the lifetimes before that!


It is my belief that it is so valuable to honor and acknowledge all that we’ve been, seen, done (or not done) and experienced… and New Years is a perfect day to do this!

Here is a partial list of what I’m shouting from the rooftops with gratitude for experiencing in 2013:

Stepping way outside of my comfort zone in too many ways to list right here.. see below and you’ll get the point!

Stepping into my sacred and bold YES especially when it felt scary and brought up anxiety or any other types of discomfort

Hosting a V-Day One Billion Rising event with 4 other co~creators with minimal planning and a HUGE turn out on a cold rainy Valentine’s day in Buffalo, NY to take a stand for ending violence against women and girls around the world!

Launching my second business Uplift 2 Uplevel

Being in and letting go of the first conscious committed adult relationship I’ve been in as an adult.. my last committed long term relationship ended almost 8 years ago and it was not a conscious relationship.. it was steeped in neediness and codependency, so this more current relationship was a BIG stretch for me and something I feel sooo blessed to have experienced 🙂

Performing in a West African dance troupe with the great Master Drummer from Guinea Mohamed Diaby!

Courageously returning to a West African Dance conference in New York City for the first time since I was assaulted on the dance floor by another dancer 4 years ago

Producing the recording of my song Get Up!!

Performing Get Up at Asilomar on the California Coast for Sage Lavine’s Spiritual Wealth Weekend in front of 150+ women!

MC’ing Sage Lavine’s ELA retreats

Being invited to speak with my twin sistar Sarah for TedxBuffaloWomen … what an ahhhmazing adventure it was and still is! Stay tuned for the video coming in early January!

Writing and performing my first one woman show

Collaborating with my twin Sistar Sarah on our first combined show telling the story of our lives from different perspectives at the City of Night event

Taking Kaya to NYC for her Sweet 16 Birthday celebration, staying at the Ritz and having the time of our lives!

Meeting Eve Ensler & Rosario Dawson at a V-Day event in NYC

Choosing to listen to my guidance and make some difficult decisions in my business and personal life

Keeping it real with myself and noticing where I’m holding back and how I’m playing small

Moving into a new beautiful apartment!

Activating on my first solo vocal recording and reengaging with my dear friend and colleague Mike Corey to assist with accompaniment for the songs! Heading to the studio in January with another old friend Jason Pfaff!!

Letting go of commitments that were not juicing me and having loving compassion for myself and others in the process

Going to BALI and the MIDDLE EAST for the first time even though I felt anxious, nervous and fearful about taking the biggest trip of my life alone… it was soooooo phenomenal in the most magical ways!!!


Traveling more than ever to retreats, events, vacation.. this is part of my dream and it’s happening in real time!

Noticing and acknowledging that I AM living my dreams RIGHT NOW!

Actually scheduling time off… it has PAID off!!

Noticing the shadow and how I’m trying to avoid it or dismiss it

Noticing my desire to be more compassionate, open hearted, gentle, fiercely loving and kind with myself and others

Watching my daughter learn to drive and get her first two jobs… witnessing her life unfold has been one of the greatest gifts in my life.. I am soooo honored, deeply humbled and thankful to journey with this wise, bold, ahhhmazing young Woman!!

Traveling to the California Coast this summer with Kaya almost exactly 20 years after I left home and dropped out of school at Kaya’s age to find my tribe and myself ending up on the California Coast.. what a dynamic experience it was to recognize this in real time. What a different life Kaya is having with a Mom who already experienced so much heartache and triumph through trial and error..

Dancing on stage with Fatoumata Diawara!!!!

Getting up on stage to sing again!

Diving into knowing myself on deeper and greater levels by: Engaging with a Human Design coach and learning about being a Projector, taking the Strengths Finder test, working with someone who specializes in the Archetypes.. it’s been a wonderful journey to dive into ME and what makes me tick 🙂

B School!

Increasing my income while working less!

Continuing to evolve myself in this human experience, to be more gentle, to release the pressure, to be in the present moment, to play more and have more space to just be.

Noticing the things that drain energy from me like regret, or going over and over an uncomfortable experience to feel better about it, or seeking approval from outside of myself, being controlling, not believing and more

Inviting into my life an incredible new assistant!

Inviting into my life the most amazing, brilliant, inspiring people, places and things

Venturing on a journey to increase my healthfulness, doing Bikram yoga more, green smoothies on the daily and listening to my body

Giving thanks for all of this and the more that I’m not thinking of right now!

Wow… it’s been a DYNAMIC year filled with golden opportunities of a lifetime, open doors, magic and miracles all around me.

How does it get any better?! What ELSE is possible?! Universe show me… with ease, grace, spaciousness, love and all of the resources I need in 2014 and beyond!


Here we go….