What is the power of a woman?

For any of you who have siblings, you might know the challenges that can come up about any number of different things, even for siblings who get along most of the time!

There’s a long history, ups and downs, things that you may have thought don’t bother you anymore, but then your sibling does or says something and you get majorly triggered!

I’m sooo excited and proud to say that my sis and I are navigating on big levels to heal the past so that we can do our greatest work together in the here and now!

It’s not always blue skies.. sometimes the skies look quite dark, however we have both been building our self responsibility, compassion and forgiveness muscles as well as filling our tool kits and I’ve got to say.. issues that used to put us at odds for days or more we’re able to flip in a matter of hours, minutes or even seconds!

Ohhhh… what a feelin’!!

Over the last year my twin sistar Sarah and I have been diving into co~creative collaborations more and more. This has been a wild, wonderful, challenging, exciting, expansive, soul/heart/mind stretching experience for both of us!

Check out this video of the performance my we did at the Buffalo Public Library for Women’s History Month.

We explore with movement, spoken word, and song, the Infinite, dynamic, expressive power of a woman.. how exciting it is to embody the intuitive, wise, strong, fierce.. and the soft, sensual, sexy.. all at once.

Get inspired to connect and align with your Divine Feminine with this special performance:

In what ways are you healing the past so that you and the people that you’re closest to can live life more harmoniously?

And tell me… What do you feel is the power of a woman?

Share in the comments section below!

Highly Bless & Lots of Love,

"Power of a Woman" is my day 6 song for The Haykel Twins 7 Day Song Challenge!

Here is my song for day 6 of The Haykel Twins 7 day song challenge! Click here to listen to my song “Power of a Woman.” This song came through me a few days ago as my sistar Sarah and I were practicing for our performance at the Women’s History Month kickoff event that happened last Friday! (Recording to be released soon!) What is the power of a woman? Share your thoughts in the comments section below! Giving sooo much thanks for the opportunity to share with you here! And… I cannot WAIT to share my first ever solo recording project with you this spring! I’m currently working on a 6 song EP and it’s massive!!! *Stay tuned* Highly Bless, … Continue reading