Choosing LOVE over fear!

Laura love or fear picI want to get real with you about more of my journey in life and to show you how I got where I am today (and how I keep on growing into more empowerment and self-love). I’ve recently participated in some awesome telesummits, sharing my wisdom on how you can become more empowered and create the life you dream of. I want to give you the tools to womanifest your vision and live boldly every day, expressing your truth completely and fearlessly!

Believe it or not, I used to live in constant fear about one thing or another. My list of fears was a mile long. When I had my daughter, I began opening up to more Love and more Courage. I realized that even though I felt afraid or fearful of doing/saying/trying something, I could still choose to step up and show up courageously.. and the most incredible things started happening!

laura.Still001Check this out: your body vibrates at a certain frequency, and those vibrations can affect you, your life, your health, and the very people you surround yourself with. When you experience LOVE, your body vibrates at the HIGHEST possible frequency on the spectrum and when you experience FEAR, your body vibrates at the LOWEST possible frequency. Love and fear are at completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Did you know that when you vibrate with the frequency of LOVE, you will naturally ATTRACT other things that vibrate around that frequency? But on the opposite end of that, when you vibrate with the frequency of FEAR, you will naturally ATTRACT other things that vibrate around that frequency.

Another way to look at it is where there’s FEAR, you do not find LOVE and where there’s LOVE, you do not find FEAR. Think about this for a moment as it relates to your own life. Do you realize that you hold the power to change your perspective and shift your focus which allows you to co-create the life you’re meant to live and the legacy you’re here to leave?! It’s ALL about vibration!

I want to invite you to sign up for the telesummit ‘Empower Yourself,’ hosted by my friend, the successful entrepreneur Pamela McAlexander. She put together this telesummit for people struggling to find their life purpose and start a new life (or dramatically improve the one they’re living right now).

Sign up for her telesummit here.

Along with 20 other expert speakers, I’m exploring how to live in the love vibration and attract more and more love into your life. I know you’re ready!

110I’m so excited to help you:

  • Finally stand courageously especially in the face of your fears
  • To feel confident enough that you can eliminate self-doubt
  • To take your power back, move forward, and take control of your life!

Yeah, baby!!!

Take a moment and think back to when you were a child and had ‘big dreams.’ If you can think it, you can believe it & ultimately you can achieve it! This is the amazing realization I’m coming to all the time and am thrilled that some of my biggest dreams have been coming true just recently. I’m just going to keep dreaming BIGGER and inspiring you to do the same.

Join me and let’s do this!

When you make the shift from fear to love, amazing things happen. I can’t wait to see what unfolds for YOU!

What inspires you to choose love over fear and what womanifests in your life when you make that choice? Share with me in the comments section below.

Sending you lots of love on your journey… Bless UP!

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