What the critics are saying about ‘I AM’

EP cover2It’s totally over-the-top exciting to be connecting with my community through my music!!! Putting ‘I AM’ out there is showing people dimensions of my being they might not have been aware of and giving me momentum to share even more of myself with the world in a truly empowered and expansive way.

My CD release party last week was an absolute success and has performers and audience alike just buzzing with good vibes and inspiring energy. How does it get any better?! Oh, it does…. !!!

It’s been SUCH an honor to be featured in two local newspapers and have ‘I AM’ praised by highly respected music critics. I invite you to check out the reviews!

Jeff Miers of The Buffalo News writes, ‘Laura Aiisha’s EP ‘I Am’ is packed with messages of positivity and empowerment, its combination of reggae, world-beat, R&B, soul and dance music offering the properly ebullient accompaniment to Haykel’s sensuous, soulful singing. Coupled with Haykel’s assertively optimistic lyrics, a viscerally uplifting atmosphere ensues.’

Read the rest of his review HERE.

Frank de Blase, the ahhmazing music critic at the Rochester City Newspaper writes, ‘With her exquisitely smooth alto, Laura Aiisha balances secular accessibility with an irresistible spirituality and a way cool splash of old school soul. This artist has blossomed exponentially to embrace so much more of the world and its music. I’ve got a feeling there’s more splendor to come from Laura Aiisha.’

You can CLICK HERE to read the rest of his review.

Mmmm….. and we’re just getting started! I intend to bring this music to a larger and larger audience to spread the messages of empowerment, upliftment, love, and inspiration to the world! Are you ready?!

YOU are such a special part of this process and I give so much thanks for your presence and energy along this journey.

What are your impressions of ‘I AM’? Share in the comments section below.

If you haven’t yet purchased it, check out the digital download HERE (just $7) or email us at booking@LAHMusique.com for a hard-copy CD (just $10). We can only ship out hard-copies in orders of 5 or more, so grab some for your friends and family!

Highly Bless and keep your creativity flowing!

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