Keeping Your Pipeline Filled :: Crack the Code to New Business Development

Do you need more clients, but cringe at the idea of cold-calling and networking to generate leads and fill your pipeline?
Have you been contemplating a new business development strategy, but have no idea where to start or how to build it?
Wondering how you can maximize your current system?
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Tune in and I’ll give you all details you need to create or Uplevel your new business development system to keep your pipeline filled and attract your ideal clients!  Here’s a sneak peak of what’s waiting for you:
  • Learn how to feel empowered around networking and cold calling
  • Identify available opportunities and your ideal clients
  • Become confident building a lead list and going after prospects that are a ‘reach’ for you
  • Tips for creating compelling marketing materials
  • Suggestions on how to use Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to keep track of your calls
  • Learn how to operate intuitively with your calls and establish successful relationships with your prospects
  • Ways to follow up with prospects consistently and effectively
Ready to UpLevel your business? Then allow me to help you take the next step in creating the business and future of your dreams!
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Talkin' the talk and not walkin' the walk? Get yourself an accountability partner!

I’ve been taking on many a new thing lately.  Building my first business.. laying the foundation for my second business, forming a Femme Entrepreneur group to support my fellow Evo~Biz co~creators locally, setting up speaking engagements and other events, taking empowered action every day as I choose to chart the path to bridging the gap between where i’ve been to where i’ve always known I am going.  I’m listening ever more closely to my inner guidance and stretching waaaay outside of my comfort zone on many levels. In this process i’ve added many new tasks to my to-do list. Some of these tasks (like writing this blog) are things i’ve had to coerce myself into first believing that I am capable of doing and second, that what i’ll be writing will provide something of value to my tribe.  Having clarity on my short term goals and the smaller steps that will help me reach them is super important to me.  I realize how the discomfort starts to bubble up when i’m not clear on my next steps, especially on a Monday morning!!  Shit.. any morning for that matter! Sometimes the next step is clarifying my vision, writing copy for my … Continue reading