World premier of the official music video for my song ‘We Stand Strong’

  Blessings in Love Worldwide Family! It is an HONOR to share my first music video with you!!! This song, ‘We Stand Strong,’ came through me during a writing session with my good friend, the amazingly talented Mike Corey. It was inspired by a conflict that was happening at that time between Israel and Palestine. Check it out, share it and spread the peace forward vibrations! I desire for this song and video to be an inspiration to YOU to trust and know that World Peace IS possible in our lifetime. Watch it here: ‘We Stand Strong’ Official Music Video from Laura Aiisha on Vimeo. Big UP the refugees, all those affected on any level by war/violence, and ALL who are taking a stand for peace. This video is Livicated to: Our Ancestors, The Elders All of the lives lost & affected by war & violence And all Prisoners of War Those living in war Those taking a stand for Peace and Justice on the daily And for all Refugees Worldwide!!! Big up River Nile Media in Buffalo, NY for putting together this powerful video! Want to locate the video on vimeo? You’ll find it HERE. Get ‘We Stand Strong’ … Continue reading

Want to create less anxiety and more positivity in your life?

Let me begin by taking a moment to celebrate this year… 2014 has been highly challenging, magical, synchronistic and heart and mind blowing in so many ways. This year Life is requiring me to step up and stretch in ways I’ve never stretched before. It’s been intense, awesomely amazing and a little bit of everything else! Can you relate?!! I’m so thankful that I’ve been filling my bucket with simple tools that I can use in challenging times, which remind me moment to moment to trust and surrender to the Divine Universal Flow. When I remember to use these tools (sometimes I conveniently forget), it’s truly amazing to be able to tap into a source of support, energy, and love that’s always here, and to acknowledge and trust my own divine knowing. I recorded this vlog to share a challenge I’ve been experiencing this summer, which I believe many of you can relate to. I’ve been struggling with ideas, feelings, perceptions, and anxiety around my physical appearance, which has directly affected my own self worth. Check out the video below to hear my story and how I’m moving from anxious to ACTIVATED, worried to ALIGNED and powerless to EMPOWERED! You know I LOVE to hear from … Continue reading

‘All of Me’ is my day 2 song for The Haykel Twins 7 day song challenge!

Here is my song for day 2 of The Haykel Twins 7 day song challenge! Click here to listen to my song ‘All of Me.’ This song came through me today because of a reaction that I had towards my Mom from a triggered place. I noticed that I was feeling ‘bad’ about it and having trouble forgiving myself for reacting the way that I did. I’m always curious about when I or others feel ‘bad’ about something.. it feels so old, it feels abusive and it seems to create a block to self love and forgiveness. I was able to take responsibility for my actions, speak about the part that triggered me the most (which taps into a very old and outdated belief about not being important or cared for by others) and we, as a family, were able to create a space of love around it fairly quickly. Then, as I was recording this song later in the evening, my teenage daughter was trying to sleep and called me towards the end of the recording to ask me to stop singing… guess what happened?! I felt ‘bad’ again.. So I sat with that for a few minutes, reminded myself … Continue reading

When love comes knockin' on your door

I hear the subtle voice.. the longing, the missing, the hoping, the wanting. At times the subtle voice seems to have more power than my deeper knowing. It wants me to hide, to give up, to whine and complain about what’s not working, to focus on the don’t want instead of the want, to be lost in an illusion of confusion or to convince me that I’m not really all that special… that I lack in some way that will forever stand in my way of meeting my dreams face to face, in real time. Hmmm… I’m so curious about this voice on these frigid snow filled winter days. A pattern has surfaced again these last few weeks. I am aware of this pattern in my life and it’s felt so frustrating to get clear about what this pattern is trying to show me, teach me, guide me through and into. You see, I’ve never been the type of woman to jump from one long term relationship into another. I’ve spent more time journeying solo with lovers on the side. It somehow felt safer to me.. to guard my heart from the pain of a breakup, the realization that the … Continue reading

Risk taking and expanding into new possibilities

There are different types of risks that one can take on the dailyThere are calculated risks, ego driven risks, exhilarating risks, absolutely stupid-self destructing risks, life expanding self affirming risks I took a risk the other dayIt was a calculated risk, perhaps a life expanding self affirming risk.. all in all a riskThere was potential money on the tableI spoke my truth about where I was at with the situation and what was being asked of meI let it go, I was responded to favorably, thenI was asked to do what I didn’t feel prepared to do againI felt annoyed, angry.. honestly, I had a pout on my face for a few minutesThen I took a walkI sat by a creek in the morning sunlight and listened to the birds, I watched them flying freely, and the fish swimmingAnd in that moment I expanded my capacity to step into something newAn idea came and I knew I was goodI knew exactly what I had to do 4 hours later I was sealing a deal with an exciting new clientIt’s all about riding the waveListening, trusting, tuning in and expanding my capacity for something new Allowing the discomfort of fear, risk, … Continue reading

The outer experience reflecting the inner experience

Going inside will give great insightSometimes I resist itThe rebel child in me wants it to be done, complete, healed already, on to the next thingI don’t want to look at myselfTake responsibility for why my life is being reflected back to me in ways that cause me discomfortWhat could I possibly be thinking, feeling, focusing on, disbelieving that my outer experience is soHaven’t I done enough work already?Shouldn’t I be be-yoooonnd this stuff?  Haven’t I done enough yet?!! Then, somewhere inside this cyclical process the wise, grounded, expansive, knowing Laura steps in.. Because she KNOWS that life is a processShe KNOWS that there are many many layers to life.. layers that have stacked up over the yearsLayers that are ready to clear.. she becomes the sage and the detective.. bringing mindfulness awareness to what isShe goes inside.. she quiets her mind.. she connects with the rebellious or distraught part of herself that is yearning to be seenAnd one of the ways she is seen is by the reflection of the inner experience in the outer experienceYou know how children will ask for something, then ask again in a different way, then ask again and again and again until you … Continue reading

Loving myself fully and wholly.. especially through the discomfort

I wake up to the world I say to myself, to the world, to all that is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ as I give myself a long embrace I tell myself ‘I love you Laura, I love you soooo much.  thank you, thank you for being here.’ when i’m sensing doubt, fear and disbelief in my own abilities to co~create the life and experiences I dream of and envision so clearly in my minds eye, I embrace myself.. I say ‘Laura, I hear that you are doubtful, that you feel fearful and that you are not believing in your abilities to do your life’s work.. I hear you, I see you and I am here WITH and FOR YOU.. you are so special, you are not alone, I am here, your feelings, needs and desires are important to me.. YOU are important to me’ I remind myself that it is easy to love myself fully and wholly, especially when I am feeling uncomfortable, unclear, unsure and doubtful.  I know that life is here, up underneath me, loving me and supporting me to make my greatest contributions for the flourishing of life everywhere. What are some of your self … Continue reading

Let's make it easy, the good juicy fulfilling in the flow in the know kind of easy

I notice words.. I listen to the words that I use and the words that other people use and believe that one of my greater purposes in this world is to bring wordly awareness to myself and others so that we cna transform our words to transform our lives and thus the collective experience. ..and words really spring forth from our thoughts and that is cause for another blog post entirely which will be entitled something like ‘What you think about and focus on becomes your reality.. Focus on what you want and witness your greatest life unfold before you..’ 🙂 I’ve been noticing how many people, even and perhaps especially those I respect in the evolutionary, transformation of self world, continually say that ‘it’s hard’ to choose uplifting thoughts, or to focus on the positive, or to let go of things that are weighing you down, or to let go of that grudge you’ve been holding onto for 15 years that is literally a cancer in your body. The transformation that I am being called to share with you here is to shift this consciousness completely so that we are all talking about how EASY it is to let … Continue reading

Need to build your spiritual muscles? No gym membership fees required for this workout!

I’ve always wanted the life of my dreams to come quickly…when I see something that I like and desire to have it, I want it NOW dammit!!  This is how I’ve shown up in much of my life.  Patience has been one of those muscles I’ve had to learn to strengthen and develop through the years.  And let me tell ya…it hasn’t always been easy.  However, life presents countless opportunities to flex and tone this muscle and this is exactly what I want to share with you today. Building spiritual muscles is very much like building physical muscles.  You’ve got to show up and engage in a practice day after day.  When you first get started and feel your muscles burning you may want to give up and give in.  Then there are times you don’t even want to go to the gym or yoga class or for a run; however, you know how good you’ll feel once you work your body out, burn some calories and strengthen your core.  At times your muscles will burn, you might feel tired and want to give up and sometimes you might even feel like throwing up!  But you keep at it because … Continue reading

A little something about love and connection..

The space between my heart and yours = none, although there is the illusion of time, space, distance traveled to reach you…for you to reach me.  We are one on an energetic vibrationally aligned…connected…  You appear in my mind’s eye, in the heart of my soul, on a whim… You are here and I am consoled by the knowingness. The knowing is larger, greater, more abundant than the guessing, the deceiving, the dis~believing.  I am here… I am whole… I am complete… I am perfect… I am wholly and fully me… Here today… Now. I will love to read your reflections in the Comments section if you feel called to offer your beautiful perspectives on your beingness and connection with others.  What declaration about your truth do you want to make right now?  What affirmations do you want to deepen into?  I am excited to read, see, know… The beautiful artwork above can be found here.  I discovered it in the Blooming Humans 42 day journey I’ve been reading.  You can find more information about that here. More Love More Life More Light! … Continue reading