Saying 'I do' to myself.. Being in 150% commitment to being my truest self and living a life beyond my wildest dreams!

Today I am writing about commitment… Being in 100% commitment to your life, to yourself, to your mission and purpose, to your word and your dreams.  Commitment can be an intimidating and scary word/concept for folks.  I know that it was and still is for me on certain levels.  I tend to be more of a commitment flopper… I’ll be completely committed to my daily meditation practice; however, when it comes to commitment with an intimate partner (i.e. men), I feel a lot of fear and want to run fast the other way, even though I very much desire this type of partnership in my life.  As freeing and blissful as commitment can feel, it can tend to have the opposite effect initially.

Why I chose to write about commitment today is that I recently made a sincere commitment to myself, my legacy and the world by stepping fully…I mean 150% fully committed to birthing forth my greatest potentials into the world and to building the foundation from which the life of my dreams can continue to blossom and flourish at ever greater levels!

In order to get here I had to commit to working through, clearing and upleveling a whole bunch of limiting beliefs and old stories that were standing between me and well…the true ME!!  It is incredible how we humans get in our own way, isn’t it?!

I want to share with you that since I’ve taken this empowered step forward, I feel inspired and unstoppable!  I am now anchored into something that I know that I am capable of co~creating step by step…and not only that, I am heeding a call from the universe and the generations past, present and future to begin taking tangible action to attract all of the people places and things that I need to bring forth my greatest contributions for the flourishing of life everywhere!

Being a part of Ryan Eliason’s business coaching program motivated me to show up fully committed and I did that by taking the following steps:
~Acknowledging the resistance, fear, etc. that comes up around commitment
~Naming the limiting beliefs standing in my way to full realization of my potentials and the life of my dreams
~Identifying who I need to be and how I need to show up on the daily in order to step into committing to my greater life vision
~Then making the commitment… crossing the line from 75% committed to 150% committed!  And saying YES.. ABSOLUTELY YES!!!

If you’re teetering between 50% and 99% committed and wonder why you’re not experiencing what you desire.. I encourage you to take a leap, A BIG LEAP and say YES to whatever it is that you dream of doing, being, seeing, experiencing and commit fully to yourself, your life’s calling and the experience of your dreams!

Then tell me all about it in the comment section below.  I want to hear about what YOU are committed to co~creating and experiencing in this life and where you’re at on the commitment scale!  Giving much thanks!