22 :: Sexual Fluidity and Gender Identity with Rena McDaniel

Episode Description

Are you, or is someone you know, feeling confused about sexuality or gender identity?

Do you feel pressured to fit into a gender or sexuality “checkbox”?

How can you work on feeling really authentic in your unique skin and bodies?

Get READY, get CURIOUS, and get INFORMED, with my special guest Rena McDaniel, MEd, and certified Clinical Sexologist. Join us as we discuss sex education, and the vast range of sexual and gender identities that fall until the LGBTQ umbrella.

Bio – Rena McDaniel

Rena McDaniel,MEd is a Certified Sexologist and graduate of the University of Michigan’s Sexual Health Certificate Program with specializations in Sex Therapy and Sexuality Education. Through her pleasure-positive practice, Rena is focused on helping her clients find confidence and happiness in their own skin, sexuality, and relationships.

For more information about Rena and her work, please visit:

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