Year in review ~ 2011 ‘I am no longer a student learning.. I am a Master remembering..’ Nila Keith

2011 was an incredible year.. My journey took on a whole new meaning.. reached an entirely new level and my awareness and overstanding of life and the cause (me) and effect (life) became crystal clear.  The year started with the first Peace vigil I’ve ever coordinated in support of the Sudanese elections held this past January. Here are some of the other highlights in the order they appeared in my life: 1. Collaboration between all 5 Haykel siblings to plan and coordinate a surprise birthday weekend for our Mom’s 75th.  It was the first time that we all worked together in this fashion.  What a wonderful experience to connect via conference call monthly or weekly and share ideas, inspiration and our talents to create a celebration fit for a Queen 🙂  It went off without a hitch! 2.  Took my daughter on her first International globe trot.. we journeyed to Senegal West Afrika, and it was the adventure of our lives thus far!!!  From Dakar to the Casamance and back.. sharing part of the trip with my friend and her children.  Kaya fully embraced Senegal.. she learned the language, engaged with the people and is truly a Cultural Ambassador.. this … Continue reading