Vacillating between the old and the new..

I am noticing how I have been vacillating between the old and new ways as of late.  January has been a very powerful and at times highly challenging month for me.  I have noticed that there are times when I am anchored into my empowered mature adult self and then there are the times when I am simply giving my power away.. easily, to anything or anyone that comes along.  I have been feeling especially challenged with parenting lately and notice that this old tendency to people please is disempowering my relationship with myself and my daughter. 

When I am anchored into people pleasing behavior I realize that I am not listening to or tuning into my own divine guidance.. I am choosing not to listen to my intuition.. and then things go ‘array’.. or at least that is how it seems.  I know that when I choose not to listen.. and when I am coming from a false center (people pleasing in order to feel worthy and of value), I create more challenges in my experience.  I know that within these challenges are tremendous opportunities for growth and transformation..  On the flip side, I am clear that when I choose to tune into and listen to my guidance and intuition and align with my empowered adult self, that my outer experience literally transforms, opens up and life unfolds in effortless, easeful, expansive and magical ways for me and those around me!  It is up to me to pay attention, tune in and listen!