Get Up & Get Out of Your Way Process

I want to share with you my Get Up & Get Out of Your Way Process.

This is a super-powerful tool I’ve been using with myself and with groups of people as well as with my own clients, and I want to give you an opportunity to use this process too! And I have a very special gift at the end of this post for you!!!

Here’s a quick strategy to help you get out of your own way by stepping into mindfulness awareness when you start to sink into old undesirable thoughts, patterns and behaviors… In plain English: when you get TRIGGERED and react in ways that don’t serve you or anyone else!

1. First of all… Awareness is key!  We cannot begin changing our behavior if we’re not aware of what we’re doing and how we impact the world around us.  So, I invite you to Start to bring awareness to your thoughts, what’s triggering you, your actions and reactions.  That’s it.. just start to notice how you be and who you be!

2. Then, Begin to notice what you’re focusing on… Are you focused on what’s not working? or are you focused on what’s working? Are you focusing on what you don’t want?  Or what you do want? This is key to begin noticing what thoughts, energies and stories we’re giving our energy to.

3. Once you start becoming more aware of when you’re feeling triggered and reactionary, begin noticing which life experiences trigger you and what patterns and behaviors are habitual ways of reacting when you’re triggered (does your heart start racing? Do you start to clench your jaw?  Do you feel like screaming? Do you go into ‘I’ve got to gain control’ mode? Do you get self-critical and judgmental or critical/judgmental of others?  Do you have panic attacks?)  This is an exercise in awareness so just notice!

4. Once you’ve moved through the first 3 steps, you can begin to develop a short list of things that you can do to empower and manage yourself through life’s ups and downs.  Begin by asking yourself: What new ways of being can I embody when I notice that I’m triggered and want to go into reaction mode (whether internally or externally)?

Here are some of my go to’s for self managing:

  •  I ask myself.. is this mine?  or Who’s energy is this? (LISTEN for the yes/no, mine/not mine internal response). If it’s mine then I get curious about it.  If it’s not mine, I use an access consciousness clearing statement that says, ‘Return to sender with consciousness attached.’
  • I Notice where the energy or feeling is in my body and breathe into that space for at least 5 breaths.
  • When feelings start to rise up, I give them space to be present, rise up and clear before moving onto the next thing.. this can be the biggest gift to give to ourselves!
  • If I go into critical self-talk or judgment, I will speak to that part of me as I would a young child. I Remind her that I’m here, the adult Laura is here, holding her in a space of love.  I acknowledge the hurt and let her know that I forgive her for any pain or discomfort she may have caused herself or others by reacting from a triggered place.
  • Write a mantra!  One of the mantras I use specifically when I get triggered about money/prosperity/abundance is: I am enough, I have enough, There is enough.. I always have enough to share and spare!

5. At least a few times a day, wrap your arms around your body and give yourself a warm embrace…. I invite you to make self-forgiveness and self-acknowledgment a daily practice.  And if you’re having trouble acknowledging how far you’ve come, call on a trusted friend to remind you! The truth is, that we are all human!  We slip into old patterns, however we DO have the capacity to create NEW ways of being that TRULY serve and support us (and others) to co~create lives that we love while living our dreams in the here and now!

To help support you in this practice,

I’m offering you my empowerment song ‘Get UP’ for FREE!  Simply click here to upload this song now!! Click below to listen now!


I am joyously holding a vision of you stepping ever more powerfully into your radiance, light and brilliance as you flourish abundantly doing what you love while being a tremendous and brilliant contribution to the world!

Highly Bless,


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