106 :: The Space Between Us + Practicing Connection with Paul Browde

Episode Description

Paul Browde is a brilliant, beautiful and loving human being. I had the pleasure of witnessing Paul demonstrate a connection practice he uses with his couple clients at Esther Perel’s event in NYC last November. Paul blew me away with his energy, authenticity, generosity and grace. This man has a way with getting straight to your heart in his every way of being.

We sat next to each other during the first part of the day and, getting to know each other a bit, I knew I sharing Paul and his work on Ignite Intimacy would be powerful.

Join doctor, psychiatrist, storyteller and relationship therapist, Paul Browde and I as we do a deep dive into romantic relationships, listening, being with others, non judgement, connection, developing intimacy, the power of a simple apology and dreaming together on Episode 106 of Ignite Intimacy!

*NEW* Listen through the end of this episode where Noelle, Scribe of personalized erotica, love stories, and poems will be sharing another one of her pieces with us. For more from Noelle, visit her website at  Museoferotica.carrd.co or connect with her via email at museoferotica@yahoo.com

Paul Browde – BIO

Paul Browde is a medical doctor, and psychiatrist in private practice in New York City, where he works using narrative approaches to treat individuals and couples, and as an Encounter Centered Trainer, guiding couples in the art of communicating beyond the survival dance.


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