Ever Wonder What It’s Like To Be A Twin?

mirrors-FB-cover-updatedEver wonder what it’s like being a twin?

Sarah and I are asked this question constantly, as people reply, “I always wanted to be a twin!”

Here’s your chance to find out.

As you probably know, I’m a twin. And not only that, my twin sistar Sarah and I are born during the astrological sign of Gemini, the Twins! Kinda cool, right?!

Growing up with a twin sister has been incredibly amazing and also super challenging on many levels. Sarah and I have been going through a powerful transformational time over the last few years, reviewing our past, the old patterns and behaviors that come up between us, and choosing to learn new ways of being in this world in relationship to each other and ourselves. It’s been quite a ride to say the least!

When an opportunity presented itself to collaborate with internationally renowned artist Ben Perrone utilizing his ‘Mirror Room’ to visually express our connection and life journey, we jumped on it in an excited effort to showcase a piece that represents a small, but powerfully intriguing view into what it’s like to be a twin.

For twins that look alike, there is a constant, on-going comparison that others make of you. And for me, it’s as if I’ve always had this mirror in front of me, reflecting back things that I love about myself, and the things I like the least. It can be such a cool, unique experience to look at someone else and see that ‘mirror reflection’, and also extremely frustrating, even maddening at times.

While most of the time I graciously correct people who confuse with my sister as I’m running around town, sometimes it can be quite annoying! If you catch me in a more delicate moment you may hear me exclaim, ‘Seriously?! But Sarah and I have such different ENERGY! Can’t you FEEL my energy and KNOW I’m Laura?!!’

There is a delicate balance between the close bond that we share and the aching desire to be seen and addressed as individuals.

For a while now we’ve been considering different ways of sharing publicly what the experience of growing up as twins has been like for us. I’m super excited (and a little nervous) to share this project with you as a way to let you into our world, and have a more open and transparent dialogue about our lives together as twin sisters.

On June 9th, 2016 Sarah and I will premier ‘The Mirror Room Project,’ which is a powerful representation of the intimacy and polarity of what it’s like being a twin: having a constant reflection of yourself in the world.

In the month of Gemini, as we’re celebrating another rotation around the sun, we thought it would be the perfect time to share this with you.

Sooo… You’re invited to join us for this special event and project premier at the local studio of Ben Perrone, where the Mirror Room lives. Engage with us in a special Q & A with artist Ben Perrone, and my sistar Sarah and I after the viewing.


Thursday June 9th, 2016


Drinks served

Donations appreciated

At Ben Perrone’s Art Studio:

260 Plymouth Ave., Buffalo, NY

Tickets are not necessary to attend this event

RSVP to our Facebook event here

We’re excited to share this very special, and personal project with you!

Please share this event with anyone you know who is a twin, has twins or is interested in the twin journey!

Super stoked to see you on June 9th!






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