103 :: The Many Faces of Valentine’s Day with Megan ‘Z’ Zimring, Oren Harris, Dr. Cat Meyer

Episode Description

I’ve had a mixed relationship to Valentine’s Day through the years. When I was younger I remember the cards and classroom parties, and also the anxiety of whether the boy I liked would give me a card or show some sort of interest towards me on this special day of love.

As I grew up and became an adult I realized that for many years Valentine’s Day carried with it feelings of sadness, disappointment, anger and frustration. Being mostly single in my adult life I haven’t had many boyfriends on Valentine’s Day, and the few times I had a boyfriend during the month of love they weren’t into the Hallmark holiday aspect of Valentine’s day.

Through the last few years my relationship has shifted towards Valentine’s Day. Instead of focusing on what I don’t have, my journey into self love has me enjoying the fun around this day of love instead of feeling bad about it.

A few weeks ago I was inspired to bring together a group of folks for the first Ignite Intimacy roundtable to explore each of our relationships to V-Day and how to navigate this sometimes tender or agonizing day of love.

With a reminder to love ourselves first and to keep it real wherever we’re at with V-Day, Join me with Megan ‘Z’ Zimring, Oren Harris and Dr. Cat Meyer as we explore, discuss and unpack the many faces, experiences, attitudes towards, recreation of and keeping it real about Valentine’s Day on Episode 103 of Ignite Intimacy!

Guests – BIO

Megan ‘Z’ ZimringMegan Zimring

After seven years as a Marketing Executive in the world of professional sports, Megan decided to shift gears and commit to her passion for activating the highest states of human potential through Evolutionary Astrology and Soul Empowerment Coaching. Megan utilizes a variety of techniques in her work including sound therapy with Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki energy healing, mindfulness training, Spiritual Psychology, eastern medicine, and metaphysical principles in order to maximize client experience.

Connect with Z:
Insta: @MeganZimring
Website: www.meganzimring.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/meganbethzimring

Oren HarrisOren Harris
Oren Harris is a transformation coach and pioneer on the leading edge of consciousness. He helps leaders, entrepreneurs and creatives to live their highest potential and have a profound impact on the world. His primary mission in life is creating Heaven on Earth,  a place where people wake up to their true selves and live a limitless life of contribution and fulfillment.
Connect with Oren:

Website: orenharris.com

Dr Cat MeyerCat Meyer
Dr. Cat Meyer is a licensed sex and relationship therapist, yoga instructor, and reiki practitioner dedicated to evolving the relationship we have surrounding sexuality and our bodies. She is host to the popular podcast Eat.Play.Sex on iTunes, in which she brings you expert guests talking on how to ignite your love life both mentally, physically, and relationally.
Connect with Dr Cat:

Instagram: SexLoveYoga
Facebook: @SexLoveYogawithDrCat
YouTube: SexLoveYoga
Twitter: @drcatrawrs

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