How is what I'm longing for an indication of what I've already got?

Life is giving me many opportunities to ‘practice what I preach’ so to say, by showing up in the face of adversity, challenges and discomfort in new ways.

One of the things that’s been present for me is the experience of wanting more than I’ve got, wanting what others have or desiring things to be different in order to suit a vision that I’ve had for myself, for my life.  The question I find I’m asking myself is this: Where is the balance between giving thanks for and acknowledging what I’ve got, have accomplished, experienced etc. and the desire to have more or better than what I currently have?

This is a powerful question, one that’s come up recently for me with regards to a personal relationship that I’ve been engaging with over the last year.  You see, I’ve always imagined the type of man that I believe I’m ‘meant’ to be with.  He’s flawless, really; successful, good looking, doesn’t need me but so truly desires and apprecialoves me, loves me through and through, he’s patient, wise, empowered, confident, brilliant, loving, thoughtful, worldly, wealthy.. the list goes on and on.

What life has presented me with instead, are opportunities to engage with men who have some, but not all of these qualities.  I’ve got to admit… it’s been a frustrating experience at times.  To have this vision in my mind and a feeling in my heart of what I desire (or is it ‘deserve?!’), and then to have the real life reality feel and look different from that vision or from what others have.

What I found myself pondering, with regards to this recent relationship I’ve been involved in, is whether it is wise to stay put, allow the discomfort, accept the fact that everything isn’t matching up with my vision (and to go for it anyways), or to choose to release it because something about it just doesn’t seem to be in alignment (even though on paper it seems like it ‘should‘ work.)

Perhaps most importantly, this experience is giving me the opportunity to step into curiosity as to how I’m showing up to co~create this experience.  Can I get an A~woman Sistar?!

One of the questions I’m asking myself is: Who do I need to be in order to keep it real, communicate clearly, transparently and authentically, while creating space to have a new experience here?

How will focusing on what’s working, choosing to celebrate and acknowledge life’s infinite blessings and give thanks for what is, give me access to all that I truly desire?

Can you relate to this experience?  I’d love to hear about what you’ve done in the face of a desire to want more or better, and what supported you in making your own empowered choice!  Leave your comments below!

Giving sooo much thanks for YOU and for this rich, dynamic life experience!