There it was ringing from the speakers.. Exactly what I needed to hear!!

I want to share with you a powerful experience I had recently that was totally synchronistic, magical, and full of Divine presence & flow.

I was in the middle of watching a movie with my twin sistar Sarah when my daughter started texting me about something personal and painful she was dealing with regarding some friends of hers. So my stress level was heightened, and after the intense weekend she and I just moved through, I was feeling a bit whelmed by it all.

Then my friend stopped by to watch the movie with us, which I had put on hold. I have this little remote control for my desktop MAC and tried to use it to start the movie again. And in one of those moments of being totally annoyed with technology (for no reason, just my state of being at the time) it didn’t seem like anything was happening.

Then all of a sudden, from the speakers of the computer came the most supremely divine message I could have received at that moment…

As some of you know I am a HUGE reggae fan! Although I don’t subscribe to religion, there is something about RASTAFARI, a faith born out of Jamaica, that resonates so deeply in my soul. It feels like the perfect trinity between Catholicism, Judaism & Muslim faiths.

There it was… ringing from the speakers… exactly what I needed to hear:

‘King Selassie I… Weather the storm… Weather the storm’ 

When I realized, after being annoyed for a second that the movie hadn’t started playing, the divine message that was coming through the speakers direct from source to me/us, I stood up and we had a Church moment in my living room.

Isn’t it ahhmazing how the Divine, the Universe, Source energy.. however you conceive of it.. is always, ALWAYS looking out for us?

And in those moments when it seems we’ve reached our limit, something supportive and comforting comes through the airwaves to reassure us that we’re soo loved, blessed, and provided for in so many ways!! Give thanks!!

I can’t wait to see what other synchronicities continue to flourish and appear to support me.

What about you?! What synchronicities has the Universe given you lately to show you you’re on the right track and soo supported and loved?

Can’t wait to see your responses in the comments section below!

Giving thanks & Loving you Always,