49 :: Less is More with Van der Pop founder April Pride

Episode Description

We’ve been blessed to connect with some powerhouse femme entrepreneurs lately who are connecting the dots between the growing Cannabis industry, intimacy and sexuality.
This episode, featuring Van der Pop Founder April Pride, takes us on the journey of a creative woman, entrepreneur and mother who is following the energy to design and sell Cannabis products for women in an industry that tends to focus way too much on the bros.
Because we’re both Moms, we go deep into a conversation about consumption, parenting and how/when to come clean with your kids in this digital age. We’re also diving into April’s journey as a designer and entrepreneur who’s not only discovered a sweet spot in the world of Cannabis, but also the different ways that Cannabis, in it’s many forms, can increase intimacy, bonding and sexual connection between you and your partner(s).
This is another POWERFUL episode of Ignite Intimacy!! Definitely tune in to get inspired, jazzed and turned on by the possibilities that exist as we dive deeper into this intimate journey.

April Pride – BIO

Creative entrepreneur April Pride is the creator of leading North American Cannabis lifestyle brand and editorial platform Van der Pop. A mom of two with many creative ventures under her belt, April runs her company from its Seattle headquarters.
IG @vanderpop
twitter @van-der-pop

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13 :: Holistic Sex Education for Parents and Guardians with Robin LaCross

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Check out my interview with Bloom Retreat founder Michelle Long!

I met Michelle Long while we were doing Marie Forleo’s BSchool this past Spring.  This summer I had the privilege of interviewing this inspiring Mamapreneur and founder of Bloom Retreat in Walnut Creek, CA.  Bloom is a beautiful space specifically for Moms, featuring a yoga studio and spa, where they can go to nurture themselves. Michelle is a passionate self-care advocate, longtime yoga teacher and she holds a Master’s in Holistic Health and Education. In this interview, we discuss the seeds of her initial vision, the stark reality that sparked her inspiration, and the journey she took to bring it to a full tangible reality. I am so inspired by her tenacity, perseverance, and patience in developing Bloom Retreat, which caters so well to the physical, mental, and social needs of mamas in the Bay Area. Long and I agree: “When we’re taking care of ourselves, that’s when our businesses truly thrive!” Click below to watch this inspiring and uplifting interview!         You can find Michelle and Bloom Retreat online at: https://www.facebook.com/BloomRetreat?ref=hl www.bloomretreat.com   … Continue reading