Little $ BIG Impact – The Power of Community

School in KampalaYou may not know this about me, but I’ve long had a dream of being a philanthropist. I used think that I’d need millions of dollars to make an impact, thankful now I know differently.

Over the last several years I’ve supported projects with as little as $1, and guess what…. those $1, $5, $25 donations made an impact and helped projects get funded.

Kampala SchoolI am continuously awed and blessed by the power of our community! We are greater together, and the impact we make can move mountains…AND EXPAND SCHOOLS!!

As many of you know, I’ve been passionate about Africa, African culture and playing a role in increasing the peace and goodness on the continent of Africa.

I started traveling to Africa 5 years ago and have been aching to pay it forward to organizations and projects that are making a direct impact on the lives of Africans in the Motherland.

So I’ve been invited to join 29 other change-makers, entrepreneurs and colleagues in the Misfit Inc. community to raise $500 each between now and the end of August to improve a school for children in Uganda!

The “Send Me to School” program doesn’t just build buildings (although with 190 students in one classroom, they are needed!) Lessons for Life also trains teachers, provides lunches (often the only meal these kids get,) AND provides vocational training and community loans so families can lift themselves out of poverty!

school2I reached out to you, my community, to join me in raising $500.00 to build new classrooms for the Kisimbiri Primary school in Kampala, Uganda.

Within 3 DAYS we reached our goal!!!

Pumped up by your generosity, support and amazing show of spirit, I decided to up our goal to $1000.00!

To donate NOW, visit my campaign page by CLICKING HERE!

If there’s one thing I know to be true, what affects one person affects us all. The more good we do to/for ourselves and the world, the better our world will be 🙂

Give Thanks for joining me on this journey! I’m sooo excited to not only reach, but surpass my fundraising goal with your support!

Blessings in abundance!!