Drowning in boring? Get ready to Ignite… your love life!


Every day is an opportunity to love and be loved, however there is something that feels extra special about February. Not only is it the shortest month in all the year (and a leap year this year.. how cool!!), but it also means that spring is ever closer to warming our souls and uplifting our senses with the rebirth of everything (at least in the northern hemisphere)!

Can I get a Woo Woo?!!

Recently, I had the pleasure of chatting with two powerhouse execs in Buffalo, NY, who have a podcast for women, by women. Julia and Anne are a frickin’ hoot and I was thrilled to sit down with them for their Valentine’s day episode and get jiggy talking about relational intimacy on theĀ Snyder on Call Podcast!

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I’m passionate and curious about the variety of intimate relationships that exist in our world, what makes them wax and wane or last through the ages, and was thrilled to receive an invitation to dive into the topic on how to “reignite” love and intimacy in long-term romantic partnerships with Julia and Anne. What a timely topic in this season of looovveee… šŸ˜‰

There are lots of giggles, gasps, ooooo’s and ahhhh’s as I share my insights…

You know I like to give it to you straight! This is a great conversationĀ for anyone who is curious about and interested in reigniting or upleveling their intimate connection with their partner, and/or themselves, with exciting tips and tricks for keeping your love life alive.

CLICK HERE to listen to Snyder on Call’s “Season of Love!” Special Valentine’s Day episode!

I’d LOVE to hear your thoughts!! Please leave a comment and let me know what you think of my early foray into guest podcasting. Most definitely let me know if you’d like to hear more in this type of format! Because I’ve been meditating on creating my own little something to share with my community globally and your feedback will be helpful. So make sure to link me in the comments below or via my contact page.

Love, Bless and more Love of course…


From Woe is Me to Empowered & Free!

This is a time of BIG SHIFTS… I know you can feel it! We’re dropping the old stories that keep us limited and coming into the awareness of who we truly be… free, empowered, amazing beings with infinite capabilities! I want to share with you another personal story and a telesummit you can access to make another powerful shift that will help you bring more happiness, possibility, and amazing co-creations into your life! I remember back a few years ago I was hustling hardcore through the Summer to develop new business for my consulting firm, all the while feeling ‘sorry for myself’ that I wasn’t ‘able’ to take a vacation like everyone else seemed to be doing. I was really in the ‘poor me’ story that’s been with me for a majority of my life. Can you relate to feeling like this? Looking at all of the people having fun, traveling, going to the beach and feeling totally left out and sorry for yourself? I definitely can… Then, after some bitching & complaining to just the right people (who of course held me accountable for being in my stuff!), I realized that I actually HAVE A CHOICE! How about that?! … Continue reading