‘All of Me’ is my day 2 song for The Haykel Twins 7 day song challenge!

Picture of Laura Aiisha Haykel by Cheryl Gorski

October 2013

Here is my song for day 2 of The Haykel Twins 7 day song challenge!

Click here to listen to my song ‘All of Me.’

This song came through me today because of a reaction that I had towards my Mom from a triggered place.

I noticed that I was feeling ‘bad’ about it and having trouble forgiving myself for reacting the way that I did.

I’m always curious about when I or others feel ‘bad’ about something.. it feels so old, it feels abusive and it seems to create a block to self love and forgiveness.

I was able to take responsibility for my actions, speak about the part that triggered me the most (which taps into a very old and outdated belief about not being important or cared for by others) and we, as a family, were able to create a space of love around it fairly quickly.

Then, as I was recording this song later in the evening, my teenage daughter was trying to sleep and called me towards the end of the recording to ask me to stop singing… guess what happened?! I felt ‘bad’ again.. So I sat with that for a few minutes, reminded myself of the love inside and all around me, and allowed myself to feel tender about everything that was triggered by this experience.

What do you do when you notice that you’re feeling ‘bad’ about something?

How do you take responsibility and claim your power in the midst of this type of energy or experience?

Please let me know in the comments below!

And again.. you can listen to ‘All of Me’ by clicking here!

Giving sooo much thanks for the opportunity to share with you here! And… I cannot WAIT to share my first ever solo recording project with you this spring! I’m currently working on a 6 song EP and it’s massive!!! *Stay tuned*

Bless & Empower,


Loving myself fully and wholly.. especially through the discomfort

I wake up to the world I say to myself, to the world, to all that is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ as I give myself a long embrace I tell myself ‘I love you Laura, I love you soooo much.  thank you, thank you for being here.’ when i’m sensing doubt, fear and disbelief in my own abilities to co~create the life and experiences I dream of and envision so clearly in my minds eye, I embrace myself.. I say ‘Laura, I hear that you are doubtful, that you feel fearful and that you are not believing in your abilities to do your life’s work.. I hear you, I see you and I am here WITH and FOR YOU.. you are so special, you are not alone, I am here, your feelings, needs and desires are important to me.. YOU are important to me’ I remind myself that it is easy to love myself fully and wholly, especially when I am feeling uncomfortable, unclear, unsure and doubtful.  I know that life is here, up underneath me, loving me and supporting me to make my greatest contributions for the flourishing of life everywhere. What are some of your self … Continue reading

As I remember to love every part of myself fully and wholly..

We all have aspects of ourselves that are easy to love, as well as aspects of ourselves that are, well, more difficult or challenging to love.  We may actually despise parts of ourselves that have created or continue to create unwanted or uncomfortable experiences for ourselves and others. I learned from a very young age that there were parts of myself that were acceptable to others and parts that were unacceptable.  I was taught to be more like this person, to be less aggressive and more easygoing, that I was too angry and overbearing, that I needed to change my personality to suit the needs of others and more importantly to be accepted and welcomed by others.  I learned that there were parts of myself that I should ignore, cover, resist and hide.  Thus, I learned to put the needs of others before myself, and to abandon the parts of myself that needed the most love, light and space to move about, be seen and acknowledged. It is with much thanksgiving that I am remembering now, as a mature woman and mother, how empowering it is to love every single part of myself fully and wholly.  As I am evolving … Continue reading