Flourishing now..

Wow.. it’s been a while and I am feeling called beyond called to being contributing to this blog on a regular basis again!  I am experiencing a high rate of growth and transformation in my life right now and I want to share it with the world!

I made a choice last June that was terrifying to me on certain levels.  I listened to a call by this incredible Femme Entrepreneur Sage Lavine about an 8 month Entrepreneurial Leadership program she had put together.  Throughout the call my heart felt so open, expansive and light!  And surprisingly it remained that way even when I heard that the cost of this program would be $6495.  Yes, that is six THOUSAND four hundred and ninety five dollars.  I had to sit with that for a minute.  With it being the first year of my business this would be way beyond my budget and my savings account was close to ‘e’ as in empty (and empty creates space to fill it up, doesn’t it!)

My heart was saying ‘YESSSS’ and my head was saying ‘you really need to think about this, don’t start putting money on your credit card you can’t pay off every month etc etc.’

In the past, the fear and anxiety around accumulating any type of credit card debt would have stopped me from making this investment in myself.  Now, here in the present or what is really the recent past, I made a new choice.  I said to myself ‘Laura, if you expect other people to invest $6495+ in your programs, products, services etc. it will serve you tremendously to start making these types of investments in yourself.’  So with a heart open to YES and a card in my hand I made the investment.


And then my ‘stuff’ or as I might call in ‘shit’ started to come up.  You know, those old nagging stories about having enough, will I ever make it, am I good enough.  I wondered who I thought I was to join other empowered women who I assumed were much further along the path than I was, who were also investing in this way in themselves and their lives & businesses.  I wondered if I was ready for this.  I thought I didn’t know enough, I didn’t have enough experience, I wasn’t good enough and what if, what if, what if…

Allllll of those old stories crept in.  And I stayed present, month 1 into month 2 was ok.  I cried a lot, I felt unclear and overwhelmed but I went for it anyways.  Then right before month 3 I did what I used to do, I thought about pulling out of the program ‘while I still could.’  Which means, while I could still recoup some of the investment I made and ‘count my losses.’  However, that date came and went and I was starting to make headway.  It’s amazing what taking one small step after another will do for you.  By the end of the summer I had my first marketable program outlined and I was preparing to do my first signature talk and workshop on Sept 5th.

The first workshop was a great success!  It was the first workshop I had ever done on my own and 12 people came in ready to receive and left uplifted, expanded and transformed on some level.  I felt like I was on cloud 9.  I loved the feeling, the experience and knowing that I was showing up in a way that positively impacted the lives of others.

Then I flew out to northern California for the first of 3 in-person retreats with the 20 women in this Entrepreneurial Leadership Program.  Wow.. talk about evolutionary transformation integration!!  In 4 months, halfway through the program, I felt like I had already received the value of the program.  And the experience of being in a group of 20 other women who said YES!  Who made a considerable investment in themselves, their gifts and their purpose… priceless!

And now, coming home after spending the weekend with multiple 6 and 7 figure Femme Entrepreneurs in Austin has expanded the possibilities and potentials for my life, business and impact in ever greater ways.

I have absolutely crossed a threshold over these last 5 months.  I am not who I was before I entered this program and here’s why:

1. I felt a clear YES! I followed the energy, my heart expanded and I listened

2. In the face of fear, doubt and the risk of financial strain I did it anyways

3. I knew that investing at this level in myself had the potential to change everything.. and it sure is

4. I’ve learned empowering new tools and skills to navigate the stuff that comes up along the way

5. I’ve experienced a quantum leap in my confidence level

6. My inner knowing is so much stronger, more solid in who I am and what i’m truly capable of in this world

7.  As my sistar reflected upon my return from Austin, my energy and presence is bigger, it’s expanding however it is also more centered in my body

8. I have stepped into my leadership in BIG ways choosing to be more visible

9. I’ve led my first solo workshops and signed my first coaching client 🙂

10. I’ve expanded the possibilities and potentials for my life to flourish in unimaginable ways!

And this list continues to build.  My commitment is to share more with you here more frequently.  I miss you, I miss contributing in this space and i’m thankful I took the time to allow this post to come through.

Have you made any investments in yourself that were really frightening however you stuck with it and it truly paid off and uplifted ~ upleveled your life in some wonderful ways?  Or, is this blog post bringing up your ‘stuff’?

I’d love to hear about it!!

As always, I look forward to reading and responding to your comments.  And in the meantime.. we are flourishing now 🙂

Photo courtesy of: Derek Gee Photography

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