76 :: Healing Heartbreak + Role Play + Emotional Clearing with Suki Sohn

Episode Description

Suki Sohn is an author and coach who went from a corporate career in finance, and two intense heartbreaks to emotional healing, full self expression and a life filled with love, family, connection and beauty.
Join us as we have a real deal conversation about the power of heartbreak to crack us open to what is really at the heart of the matter, healing emotionally, embracing our differences, dancing in life and the power of role play on Episode 76 of Ignite Intimacy!

Suki Sohn – BIO

Suki is a feminine leadership and relationship coach, author, and intuitive healer.  Her passion is to empower women to embrace their divine femininity to create a new paradigm for feminine leadership. She has journeyed through a personal transformation to health through holistic mind-body-spirit approaches, and now focuses on assisting her clients reclaim and cultivate divine feminine aspects of fluidity, heart-centredness, and intuition.

Connect with Suki:

A little something about love and connection..

The space between my heart and yours = none, although there is the illusion of time, space, distance traveled to reach you…for you to reach me.  We are one on an energetic vibrationally aligned…connected…  You appear in my mind’s eye, in the heart of my soul, on a whim… You are here and I am consoled by the knowingness. The knowing is larger, greater, more abundant than the guessing, the deceiving, the dis~believing.  I am here… I am whole… I am complete… I am perfect… I am wholly and fully me… Here today… Now. I will love to read your reflections in the Comments section if you feel called to offer your beautiful perspectives on your beingness and connection with others.  What declaration about your truth do you want to make right now?  What affirmations do you want to deepen into?  I am excited to read, see, know… The beautiful artwork above can be found here.  I discovered it in the Blooming Humans 42 day journey I’ve been reading.  You can find more information about that here. More Love More Life More Light! … Continue reading