The outer experience reflecting the inner experience

Going inside will give great insight
Sometimes I resist it
The rebel child in me wants it to be done, complete, healed already, on to the next thing
I don’t want to look at myself
Take responsibility for why my life is being reflected back to me in ways that cause me discomfort
What could I possibly be thinking, feeling, focusing on, disbelieving that my outer experience is so
Haven’t I done enough work already?
Shouldn’t I be be-yoooonnd this stuff?  Haven’t I done enough yet?!!

Then, somewhere inside this cyclical process the wise, grounded, expansive, knowing Laura steps in..
Because she KNOWS that life is a process
She KNOWS that there are many many layers to life.. layers that have stacked up over the years
Layers that are ready to clear.. she becomes the sage and the detective.. bringing mindfulness awareness to what is
She goes inside.. she quiets her mind.. she connects with the rebellious or distraught part of herself that is yearning to be seen
And one of the ways she is seen is by the reflection of the inner experience in the outer experience
You know how children will ask for something, then ask again in a different way, then ask again and again and again until you can’t help but pay full attention
It’s something like that.. and what a blessing
That life continues to give us opportunity after opportunity to get up underneath the nitty gritty
To be present with what is
To Invision what we desire to BE, to feel, to experience, to gain clarity
To allow, to be aware, to clear and to KNOW that we are.. yes we truly are, on a path.. on the journey to our truest selves
Bridging the gap between what is and what can be

This is a human experience.. I now know this truth and commit to having more loving compassion for myself and others as we become aware, go inside, reflect and expand into the greatest potentials for our lives and that of the whole

Giving thanks… and now, what about you?!  Can you dig??