Need to build your spiritual muscles? No gym membership fees required for this workout!

I’ve always wanted the life of my dreams to come quickly…when I see something that I like and desire to have it, I want it NOW dammit!!  This is how I’ve shown up in much of my life.  Patience has been one of those muscles I’ve had to learn to strengthen and develop through the years.  And let me tell ya…it hasn’t always been easy.  However, life presents countless opportunities to flex and tone this muscle and this is exactly what I want to share with you today.

Building spiritual muscles is very much like building physical muscles.  You’ve got to show up and engage in a practice day after day.  When you first get started and feel your muscles burning you may want to give up and give in.  Then there are times you don’t even want to go to the gym or yoga class or for a run; however, you know how good you’ll feel once you work your body out, burn some calories and strengthen your core.  At times your muscles will burn, you might feel tired and want to give up and sometimes you might even feel like throwing up!  But you keep at it because you know what’s on the other side.  It’s like that Bikram yoga pose you used to dread engaging in during class, and then one day you discover, after having attended classes week after week, that you actually look forward to the pose you once despised, because it comes more easily to you now.


When you’re building your spiritual muscles you engage in a very similar process.

As iIve been cultivating trust, patience, compassion, peacefulness and other spiritual muscles, I’ve had to make  a conscious choice to suit up and show up daily to practice and build these new muscles.  The same goes for deepening into my meditation practice, developing mindfulness awareness, self-love and stepping into radical self responsibility in order to co~create the life I truly desire to live, and to be the person that I know I can be.  No matter how much it burns, hurts, how tired I feel or frustrated that I feel like I’m not getting it or getting to it, very much like that yoga pose I used to dread, the more I continue practicing it, the more natural it becomes, and the more I get it, the more enjoyable and easeful the process is for me…

Now I know what is on the other side of the work: a deep sense of peace and an abundance of gratitude that I’ve invested in a lifetime membership to an evolutionary transformational gym where I get to discover and build muscles I never knew I had and continue to build and strengthen my spiritual muscles, which in turn gives me more empowered, expansive and enjoyable life experiences!  Plus, there is more space for magic, synchronicity and miracles in my day to day life 🙂

I’d love to hear about the spiritual muscles you are building!  What are some of your challenges?  What is working for you?  I look forward to responding to your comments!

I'm my Heroine!

Upon reviewing a link on my Facebook page for Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey: I was reminded of a profound awakening I had recently.  Here is a little story about it.. I recently started to take Bikam yoga and i’ve got to tell you.. I feel like a real champ every time I make it through the class and come out walking on my own two feet, alive and well! Last Sunday as I lay on the floor 60 minutes into class next to a woman who looked to be about 6 months pregnant. I kept thinking to myself “She is my hero..” and felt called to whisper this to her during the class. I wondered why I kept hearing this in my head and decided that instead of saying anything I would simply hold space for this message.. and then I had an ‘Aha!’ moment as I brought the energy into myself and re~framed this message. The message came loud and clear, “I AM my hero” and it resonated so powerfully as I repeated a few more times “I AM MY Hero!!” The energy I felt in my body as I said this to myself was expansive and … Continue reading

Where is the there that i'm looking for.. when i'm already here?

As odd as it may sound, at times when I feel hard on myself for not “doing enough” or making it “big” enough yet, I conveniently “forget” (ahh.. forgetfulness, one of those false centers that keeps me distracted from living my fullest experience!  Thankfully I now recognize you when you come along…) that I’ve been immersed in one of the most powerful and empowered “jobs” that a human being can have.: I’ve been nurturing, raising, loving and caring for one of the most incredible people I’ve had the honor of sharing so much time, space, growth and love with yet! I birthed my daughter when I was 20.  With no college degree, I stayed at home consumed in motherhood until she was 2, at which time I felt my soul return to me and the dreams that I’d had prior to carrying her in my womb came to inspire me again. I parted ways with her father and kept putting one foot in front of the other.. and although at times I get hard on myself for not “being there yet” when I’m lost in another false center of comparing myself to others, I realize that I’m here already.  I’ve … Continue reading