From Woe is Me to Empowered & Free!

Jamaica1This is a time of BIG SHIFTS… I know you can feel it! We’re dropping the old stories that keep us limited and coming into the awareness of who we truly be… free, empowered, amazing beings with infinite capabilities!

I want to share with you another personal story and a telesummit you can access to make another powerful shift that will help you bring more happiness, possibility, and amazing co-creations into your life!

I remember back a few years ago I was hustling hardcore through the Summer to develop new business for my consulting firm, all the while feeling ‘sorry for myself’ that I wasn’t ‘able’ to take a vacation like everyone else seemed to be doing.

I was really in the ‘poor me’ story that’s been with me for a majority of my life. Can you relate to feeling like this? Looking at all of the people having fun, traveling, going to the beach and feeling totally left out and sorry for yourself? I definitely can…

Then, after some bitching & complaining to just the right people (who of course held me accountable for being in my stuff!), I realized that I actually HAVE A CHOICE! How about that?! I could CHOOSE to schedule in vacations during the summer and CHOOSE not to do any work-related activities during those times.

This was something that felt completely new to me…and exciting. So I claimed Laura on the beachthat the next Summer of 2013, I would, come hell or high water, block out at least 2 weeks of vacation time and also do my best not to work on Fridays unless I absolutely had to.

What resulted was something really magical: more spaciousness, more quality time with my teenage daughter, family & friends, more of an innate sense, a feeling within the core of my being that I was actually CHOOSING to have and experience more of what I desired.

Over the past week I’ve been integrating back into my life here in Buffalo as I just returned from my trip to Jamaica with my daughter. This year there was every reason to say ‘no’ to this trip, Laura & Kayaand instead I chose to say YES and wow!! There aren’t even words to describe how super amazing it was! I finally introduced Kaya to JA, picked up some healthful goodies from the journey, celebrated a dear friend’s wedding, met some deeply soulful people, and got to perform my music in one of my favorite places!!!

I feel so much gratitude for the experiences of abundance, fun, pleasure, adventure, and connection that I AM consciously womanifesting in my life.

I want to share with YOU the inside scoop on how you, too, can womanifest the life you so deeply deserve! I want to help you overcome the blocks that may be preventing you from bringing your dreams to life right NOW. You can do it! I know you can!!!

To help you make it happen, I invite you to sign up for the telesummit ‘From dysfunction to FUN!’ hosted by my colleague Jane Lorenz. My talk is called ‘From Woe is Me to Empowered and Free: How I use Creative Empowerment to be my best self, live my greatest life & inspire others to do the same!’

I am one of 28 experts helping you overcome limited beliefs, improve self-confidence and eliminate fears and anxiety to create a life filled with good health, loving relationships, financial stability, a powerful connection to your spirituality and the time to enjoy it all! Oh yeeaaahhhh baby!!!

Sign up for ‘From dysfunction to FUN!’ here.

And what about you? What experiences have helped you in making the shift from woe is me to empowered and free? Share with me in the comments section below. I want to hear about YOUR journey!

Highly Bless and keep making the shift!

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