Giving Thanks

I often feel like the gratitude girl because to me, everyday is an opportunity for thanksgiving.  I’m not always consciously aware of how often I ‘Give Thanks’ however those around me definitely take notice.  For example, I recently spent a weekend in Austin TX with my business coach Sage Lavine and a handful of other women in the program.  I had to leave early for the airport on our final day together.  Upon my departure from the conference room all of the women said together ‘GIVE THANKS!’   It made me smile, knowing that this natural way of showing up is having an impact on those around me.       This practice of giving thanks stems from my love for and connection to reggae music.  One of the things that I’ve always loved most about roots reggae is the reverence for the ‘Most High’ or ‘Jah’ and giving thanks & praises for all that is.     I’m not a religious person however, I am highly spiritual in nature and have always felt a direct connect to ‘source’ energy. I’ve been this way since I was a small child, and used to fear that ‘God’ would call on me to be a nun! … Continue reading

Same old same old? I don't think so.. It's time to CELEBRATE!! Focus on your accomplishments large and small!

Being an eternal optimist, i’m not sure why took me so long to hop on the celebration band wagon.  The more conscious i’ve become of my own thought patterns, I realize that while I’ve thought for many years that I am a ‘positive’ person and an optimistic thinker, i’ve been spending waaaay too much time focusing on what isn’t happening, didn’t get done or what I haven’t done yet. Recently my twin sister and I have been exploring the world of celebration and i’ve got to say, it is completely expanding my experience in both my personal and professional life in the most incredible ways!  I realize that when I focus first on what I want to celebrate about the moment, day, week, month I feel more peace, connection, fulfillment and that undeniable ‘oh YES, i’m totally rocking this’ feeling. It is incredible to discover what new pathways open up when you begin with celebration.  It is so simple.. here are a few suggestions on where/how to begin: ~When you wake up in the morning think of one thing you’d like to celebrate from the day before (it can be  a n y t h i n g that feels … Continue reading

Allowing the messiness of life to flow..

  I dropped my phone today… i’ve dropped my phone on many other occasions before however, this time it was different… because it dropped 3 feet, face down flat onto the concrete floor in my parents basement.  Instead of going into what used to be the usual tirade of goda**it, sh*t, f*ck, motherf*ker… why me, what’s this going to cost, now its not nice and shiny and new looking anymore, how will this change my daily flow with this phone I use so often to organize my busy life, will I get a glass splinter in my finger now with all that swiping i’m doing?!   I stopped.. I took a few breaths.. I recognized this as another opportunity to easefully allow the messiness of life that happens from time to time to flow in and out.  This area has been a major sore spot for me in the past… like the time someone backed into the passenger side door of my new car and never bothered to leave a little ‘whoops I hit your car.. here’s my number’ note.  I remember how I allowed the bump in my car door to bruise my soul… to shake my pride and … Continue reading

Now I know.. my letter to a beloved

I cannot tell whether my visions of us coming together in this life will manifest.. I do know that evermore I am learning to fully trust the divine flow of life.. and overstand that at this time, for what I know to be the highest reasons.. we are not connecting in the way in which I most desire.  Every time it comes up and I choose to trust the process, I am empowered in ever deeper and more expansive ways.  And as I release any and all attachments, stories and drama that are no longer serving the highest and best of myself and all involved I feel freer and freer.. it is not about whether I am worthy of you.. as I know that I am and that you are.. it is simply and empowerfully trusting seen and unseen and allowing the highest unfolding to happen in divine time truly for the highest of the whole.  Giving thanks for this tremendous opportunity to deepen into self love, trust, listening to my inner guidance and that of the universe through those around me.  What an incredible journey… I truly now release any and all attachments that are no longer serving the … Continue reading

I am a Success now! Ignite gratitude.. Celebrate the little successes!

My twin sistar and I have been checking in every morning via phone or skype for the last few weeks in a commitment to show up fully each day and express what we desire to create and contribute, in alignment with our intentions and goals for 2012 and beyond.  It is an amazing practice and one that is absolutely holding me accountable and keeping me motivated on a daily basis! In my life I created a story about what I believe success is.. that I will be successful when I am making a lot of money, working on major projects which are receiving recognition worldwide, owning my own home, in a committed and thriving intimate partnership etc etc.. This story of what I ‘think’ success should look like has created many limitations to my life, caused me much grief and has also been an excuse to be very hard on myself for what I perceive to be ‘not making it yet.’ I was feeling triggered the other night before I went to bed.. old stories running through my head.. Wondering when my life will change?  When will it take on a whole new meaning?  When will I be doing what … Continue reading

Where is the there that i'm looking for.. when i'm already here?

As odd as it may sound, at times when I feel hard on myself for not “doing enough” or making it “big” enough yet, I conveniently “forget” (ahh.. forgetfulness, one of those false centers that keeps me distracted from living my fullest experience!  Thankfully I now recognize you when you come along…) that I’ve been immersed in one of the most powerful and empowered “jobs” that a human being can have.: I’ve been nurturing, raising, loving and caring for one of the most incredible people I’ve had the honor of sharing so much time, space, growth and love with yet! I birthed my daughter when I was 20.  With no college degree, I stayed at home consumed in motherhood until she was 2, at which time I felt my soul return to me and the dreams that I’d had prior to carrying her in my womb came to inspire me again. I parted ways with her father and kept putting one foot in front of the other.. and although at times I get hard on myself for not “being there yet” when I’m lost in another false center of comparing myself to others, I realize that I’m here already.  I’ve … Continue reading