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Bless Up ma famille!

I want to share with you a bit about my experience hitting ‘rock bottom.’

When I look back on my life, there are a few specific times that I can think of when I truly hit bottom. And when you hit that place, you know you’re at the bottom because literally, there’s nowhere to go but up.

Can you relate?!

The last major bottom I hit was at 29 years young. I fell in love with this man who was not ready, willing or able to love me fully. There were several reasons why this didn’t work (and ended in utter disaster); however, what occurred to me in the aftermath was that I had no idea at that time how to love MYSELF.

I also realized that I was putting so much of my own ‘stuff’ on this situation, trying to get my needs met through other people who were saying know, but I couldn’t/wouldn’t hear it.

It was heartbreaking, it brought me to my knees and broke me to the core.. and then the most incredible things started to happen. I took a STAND for myself and my life. I told myself, ‘Laura Haykel.. you’re going to learn how to love yourself fully and wholly so that you NEVER allow something like this to happen to you again!’

And that’s what I did. This was the beginning of what I call my ‘Next Level Healing Journey.’

As I picked up the pieces and started building my life anew, the flood gates opened. I went ALL IN and I’ve never looked back. As time moved forward I could see what a tremendous blessing this situation was in my life. And I set an intention to learn life’s lessons in more graceful, easeful ways.

Fast forward to now and here’s the deal.. 2014 has been a GAME CHANGER for me! I’ve been doing sooo many things that I’ve been putting off, stepping out of my comfort zone, living on my edge pretty consistently, and saying ‘YES,’ over and over, to those Golden Opportunities that have called me to step up and show up in new powerful ways.

From the release of my debut CD ‘I AM,’ to my recent pitch for the Buffalo Startup Weekend, this year has truly been a whirlwind of new adventures, challenges, people and ideas that have stimulated my growth in big ways. Words cannot express my gratitude for the ups and downs, aha moments, deep insights and community (insert YOU here ;)) that I’ve experienced, grown from and been supported by this year!

One of the things I’ve been wanting to do for years is to interview people that I’m inspired by and share those interviews with the world. Launching a virtual summit or podcast has felt daunting and scary to me. Long story short.. I’ve been putting it off BIG TIME!

So guess what? This year I’ve chosen to get out of my own way and do it!! I am sooo excited to present to you my first ever FREE Video Summit:

The Get Up Movement

From Woe is Me to Empowered and Free

December 1st – 19th 2014

Get Up Right Now and Claim your FREE Virtual Seat by CLICKING HERE!

How would you like to feel more Empowered and Free in your day to day, to be exactly who you are and to live the life you’ve been dreaming of (NOW.. not in the future ;)?!

Sounds amazing, right?

Well… it’s also POSSIBLE!

This FREE interview series will help you move from the state of “Woe is Me” into that awesome and expansive place of Empowered and Free!

The Summit has been created to give you the Inspiration, Motivation & Tools to Get Out of Your Way and Begin Fulfilling Your Potential while Consciously Creating Your Dream Life Now!

How does it get any better?!!

CLICK HERE to claim your FREE virtual seat!

We’ll see you starting December 1st for this extraordinary FREE interview series!

Blessings in abundance,

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