23 :: Passion, Love, Sex, Freedom…for HIM with Shana James

Episode Description

How can men have the love, sex, and intimacy that they want, with the partner they want?

In this episode, we focus on passion, love, sex, and freedom from HIS perspective, and learn that when it comes to relationships, communication is KEY!

My guest, Shana James, is dedicated to teaching men how to embody the qualities that draw people to them, and awaken in their own bodies. We discuss how important it is to take risks, to be willing to feel and overcome fear, and to embrace any and all outcomes of our actions.

BIO – Shana James

Shana’s love and compassion for men has made her an incredibly successful coach. She has worked on many projects, including leading events for Match.com and Table of six, and has also consulted for an MTV reality show. Through individualized methods, she helps men work through fear and shame, so they can experience fulfilling connections and real freedom.

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