How I kicked resistance in the ass and launched my first solo CD!



Life is stretching me wide open & amazing me on the daily. It is dynamic, ever-changing, evolving, speaking to and through me in whispers and shouts, and showing me the way through subtle signs, soul-crushing doubt, and the guidance of others (strangers, family, friends, soul mates, teachers, clients… ).

I have been given multiple opportunities to embrace life in all of its wild discomfort, in its resistance strong like a bulldozer ready to take me down. The burst of spring blossoming all around me reminds me that as dark as things can seem in my inner being, there are always new life seeds beneath the earth’s surface, sprouting, stretching, expanding beyond their core, their hard shell, taking that risk, that leap, choosing YES!

I said “yes” to an opportunity to attend one of the most unique conferences for entrepreneurs in Fargo, ND this past weekend for the Misfits of the world. I said “yes” in 2013.. and as the date approached I felt major… I’m talkin’ MAJOR resistance here. There was no schedule, I had no idea who the speakers would be, I didn’t know anyone attending. I almost threw in the towel, gave up my ticket, turned my head and gave in to the resistance.

Misfit ConfHowever, as I get to know what makes me tick as well as what wants to lead me astray, becoming hip to the ways of my inner detractor or saboteur, I’m ever more familiar with the voice and energy of resistance. So I said to myself 4 days to take off, “Laura, if you’re having this much resistance to attending this conference, you’d better get your ass on that plane!!”

So that’s what I did… loads of resistance and all, missing my girlfriend’s bridal shower, my other dear friends’ intimate wedding celebration, and the 10 other excuses I could have come up with to do the familiar instead of stepping into the uncomfortable, the unknown.

Thank Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Yallah and all of the energies that supported my forward movement to Fargo. First things first, when I landed in Chicago for my connecting flight and arrived at my connecting gate, there was Jonathan Fields of the Good Life Project waiting to hop on the same flight to Fargo. I knew in that moment that I was exactly where I needed to be and thanked my lucky frickin’ stars for saying YES to this adventure!

I’ve just had one of the most impactful, synchronistic, amazingly fucking awesome weekends of my life with 150 of the most brilliant, creative, courageous, changemakers, doers, innovators and co~creators I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and sharing a weekend with yet!

I’m thinking about this experience in parallel to the resistance I had 7 years ago to start going to Karaoke in order to get over my fear of singing in front of people. And then getting out of my own way enough to co~found a reggae band, and then to walk away from that same project I had poured my heart and soul into..

Then after a 3 year hiatus to begin slowly but surely opening up to writing music again while choosing to share my voice from the stage.. to doing what I said I was going to do this past February and investing $5000 of my own resources into writing, recording and launching my first ever product, in the form of my first ever solo recording project June 2nd, my 37th birthday!!!

Without further ado… I proudly, exEP cover2citedly and triumphantly share with you the URL to purchase my first solo recording project, ‘I Am’!!!!!!!!!

CLICK HERE to purchase ‘I Am’ on Bandcamp!

Ohhhh… what magic, miracles, synchronicities, golden opportunities to positively impact hundreds or perhaps thousands of people globally, new friends, co~creators, Divine opportunities for my own personal growth and transformation would I have missed if I gave in to resistance?!

To think of this magic carpet ride I would have missed out on had I chosen fear instead of love makes me both so fucking humbled and deeply grateful to the core of my being while also sending a soul-shaking shiver through my body.

Yesterday I launched one of the biggest dreams I’ve ever had the courage to show up and say yes to.. into the world. I have no idea what is on the other side of this launch.. I’m both elated and shaken with nerves. The part of me that wants to please others and be liked by everyone has been speaking very loudly lately, trying to distract me from the task at hand.

Misfit Conf2And here I am showing up fully! Doing something I wasn’t sure I had the strength, courage or brilliance to do ‘on my own’, to coordinate, plan, attract co~creators and support systems to assist me to get it out there.. I’m DOING IT NOW!

As my new friend Srini Rao stated at MisfitCon 2014 this past weekend, ‘You’re either sitting on the sand watching the surfers ride the waves, or you’re picking up your board, courageously diving into the water and having the ride of your life.’

Standing up courageously in the face of fear, doubt, resistance, nerves and old limiting stories is by far one of the most dynamic human experiences I can think of.

Misfit co~founder AJ Leon reminded us.. ‘This is not your practice life.. this is the ONE LIFE YOU’VE GOT!’

What are you missing out on in your life by giving in to resistance?! As I sing in my song ‘Get Up,’ ‘They say it’s on you, your choice is coming through, I say it’s on you.. so WHAT YOU GONNA DO?!’

Want access to ‘Get Up’ and four other deeply inspired and soulful songs?! CLICK HERE to download “I AM”!!!

Check it out, turn up the volume, and put this 26 minute musical journey on repeat… then hop over to FACEBOOK and TWITTER to let me know what you think!!

Then…. Share this music with 10 of your closest friends, colleagues, clients, students, family and community members to assist me in expanding the GET UP GLOBAL MOVEMENT!

I am honored and humbled by the opportunity to journey with you in this life, in these powerful and profoundly dynamic times.

I love you. I see you.

Giving thanks!!!!

Your wild, wonderful Gemini Sistar,


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