94 :: Romantic Relationships By Design with Effy Blue

Episode Description

Effy Blue is a worldwide adventurer and relationship explorer. After 10 years globetrotting she ended up in NYC where she was embraced by the Sex Positive community and introduced to the world of open relationships and polyamory.
Here experience has been unique to say the least. From all of the things she’s learned on her journey the last several years, Effy transformed a corporate career into a relationship coaching practice supporting mostly couples in the process of exploring non-monogamy and opening up their relationships.
Join relationship expert and and coach Effy Blue and I as we dive deep into non-monogamous relationship styles, communication, powerful agreements, opening up and how to consciously create your own unique romantic relationship by design on Episode 94 of Ignite Intimacy!!

Effy Blue – BIO

Effy Blue is a relationship expert specializing in non-monogamy and other alternative structures. Her coaching philosophy, Relationship by Design, abandons the one-size-fits-all relationship structure that is heavily prescribed by our society. Besides coaching, Effy builds a growing community of Curious Foxes, leads panels and workshops, and speaks at relationship and sexuality conferences around the country.

3 :: Courageous Relational Explorer with Dana Saylor

Episode Description: Join Dana Saylor and I as we dispel the myth and dive deep into her experience with marriage, open relationships and what’s possible when you’re truly transparent Dana Saylor is a 21st century woman and dynamic being living in these powerful times, although she could have easily lived in the 1950’s with her energy and savvy. She is an artist, historian, and event planner… a ‘creative place maker’! Which is a blanket term that she uses to define art, historical research, event planning, and the consulting she offers community organizations to bring more juice to local events in innovative ways. She is most definitely a leader who respects both cultural history and architectural history. She is also a visual artist depicting architecture and other things as well. Dana and I dive into her own experience being a married woman who decided to broach the topic of open relationships with her husband and what happened as a result. She turns me on to the Kinsey Scale, and how to be transparent and open about our own sexual orientation, our desires and fantasies. We dive into non negotiables, the power of alone time, online dating and ‘swipe’ culture, and more! … Continue reading