Intimacy Ignited: YOU are THE ONE – Final Episode with Laura Aiisha + Stephanie Carlin

Episode Description

After 121 episodes and 3 years since launching and producing the Ignite Intimacy Podcast I have chosen to pause the podcast indefinitely. It’s a choice I’ve been avoiding until I realized, it’s ok. Release FOMO, let it go, discover what else wants to fill its place.

This has been quite a journey with thousands of listeners tuning in week after week and tens of thousands of downloads from all over the world!! I jumped for joy to see listeners from Saudi Arabia, Kenya, New Zealand and Brazil!! Wow!! And, to run into people I’ve known through the years who tell me they’ve been tuning in, that they’re getting something from the content we’ve created and shared, that they’re trying new things with their lovers and partners and that their intimacy IS being ignited!

And, to the people who courageously reached out to disclose their Herpes status for the first time to ME. I honor and SALUTE you!! And, I’ve been deeply touched by your courage.

This is all more than I could have bargained for.

It has truly been my honor to share this journey with all of you. I have grown so much. I have evolved and my self love and self care has deepened as well as my vulnerability and ability to allow more intimacy into my life.

What’s so cool about this podcast is that it will live on through the 121 episodes we’ve created, so you can continue tuning in, sharing with your friends and discovering yourself through these episodes.

Aside from everything I shared on this episode one of the most POTENT realizations that I had is that I AM THE ONE! And I am the SOURCE of my life. I have choice, I have power, I have consciousness and a tool kit filled to the brim with everything I need to continue creating a life and legacy that will uplift and empower through time.

Thank you for showing up, tuning in, sharing, caring, reaching out, trying new things, exploring the edges of your vulnerability and eroticism. I SEE YOU! I HONOR YOU! And I am deeply grateful for you!!!

I would have not been able to keep Ignite Intimacy going if it weren’t for the support of my team: Lindsay Leclair, who published every episode, David my editor @davidstudio on Fiverr and Amy Greensky who designed the logo. I am deeply grateful for you all!!

Keep listening and until we meet again, stay blessed and keep shining!! xox

Laura Aiisha – BIO

I have always been fascinated by the world of relational experiences. Wondering what makes two people come together, break apart, stay single, attract many suitors and long term relationships, or none at all, what makes some venture into the world of polyamory, while others were born into a culture and society where polygamy is common and if not a choice, something they learn to live with.

I had been meditating on these topics for quite some time now when in January 2016 an energy larger than me began pulling me forward to explore all of these topics (and more) in an interactive and audio based conversation I could share with the public. Now we’re wrapping up this juicy goodness and moving on to wherever the spirit moves me!

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Stephanie Carlin – BIO

Stephanie Carlin is an energy expert, artist, and creator of empires. She is on a mission to support women in living an intuitive life. In 2012, Stephanie founded Free Spirits Music. She has supported over 1200 songwriters in shedding self-doubt and discovering their voice. Today, she coaches women who are ready to fall in love with their businesses and their lives. She believes true transformation begins with healing your ancestral line and upgrading your frequency. Her new album “Reclamation: A Collection Of Mantras” is streaming now. Work with her at


We’re growing and bringing you our best yet all summer long

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Self Care = Blissful Intimacy with Laura Aiisha

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