Reawaken Your Divine Feminine at Spring Clean You

It’s FINALLY spring! Hallelujah!!!

I cannot even begin to express my JOY at finally seeing my DRIVEWAY! Seems so simple, and it is soooo real after the winter we’ve had.

It’s most certainly time to give thanks and celebrate the glorious sunshine!

For me, this is also a time to take notice of the rebirth and renewal both inside ourselves and all around us. Spring deserves a celebration, and what better way to celebrate the change of season than by renewing your relationship with the divine feminine?  

Sarah Haykel, Sue Morreale, Sarah Nasca, and I are sooo excited to present Spring Clean You, an event exclusively FOR women BY women! We have gathered some of Western New York’s creative Goddess Powerhouses for an evening of artistic expression and storytelling.

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house! Come join us as we celebrate the feminine inside ourselves and our community!  

See below for all the details:

Spring Clean You Promo Image

“Four female entrepreneurs have come together to honor the Divine Feminine in You.

Renew your relationship with the Feminine: within you, in your relationships and in your life!

We invite you to join us in celebrating the birth of spring and the final days of Women’s HERstory Month.

Spring clean yourself and start fresh in this new season through a performance oriented salon of hand picked creative Goddess Powerhouses who will share their love and beauty of the Feminine!”

When: Sunday March 29th, 6-8pm

Where: 1526 Main St., corner of W. Ferry. Parking lot across the street next to Willoughby Insurance Co. Enter door at corner of Main St. and W. Ferry

Cost: $10 Suggested Love Donation

Click here to access the Facebook event page

Light snacks and drinks will be served, provided by Ashkers Juice Bar, Bistro and Gallery!

Bring your friends, your sister, your mother, and any other important women in your life (just leave the men at home)!

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