61 :: Uniting the Masculine + Feminine and Being Human with Christabel Jessica

Episode Description

Christabel Jessica created a beautiful and powerful card deck focused on uniting the divine masculine and feminine energies. When I was introduced to her by a friend I knew we had to get on the line and jam about this important topic!
Before our recording Christabel pulled a few cards and gives us a live reading on the call!
We dive into topics like energetic clearing after intimate encounters, allowing ourselves the space to be human and experience our emotions fully, creating safe spaces physically and energetically and the importance of exploring and expressing both masculine and feminine energies in who we be and how we show up in life.
Join us as we discuss uniting masculine and feminine energy, the duality of life, love and sex, and energetic clearings with spiritual teacher Christabel Jessica on Episode 61, Uniting the Masculine + Feminine and Being Human.

Christabel Jessica – BIO

Christabel is a spiritual teacher and healer with a passion for supporting anyone in a sacred relationship and on a spiritual path. She makes YouTube videos teaching spiritual information based in practically and compassion! As a spiritual practitioner, she is now dedicated to assisting people in undertanding how to heal the troubled dynamics between men and women and how to make the most of being a human! Whether this be through her videos, her one on one sessions via skype or through her Divine Feminine & Masculine Reunited Oracle Deck, merging all forms of duality without judgment is always the priority!
Check out her deck and session availablity on http://christabeljessica.com 
Weekly livestreamed workshops through http://patreon.com/christabeljessica
Two amazing videos about sexual healing:

2 :: Put More Love On It with Abba Yahudah

Episode Description: Abba Yahudah is a true mystic and renaissance man. He is the only person I know to date who hasn’t touched a dollar bill, or no other form of money in over 20 years. He went barefoot for 7 years and has lived, loved and journeyed around the world seeking wisdom from cultures near and far. Born in Jamaica, and now living in Oakland, California, Abba Yahudah is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and creative. Aside from launching successful business ventures with his close family and community like Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals, OAKSTOP – a co-working space in downtown Oakland, CA and Got Brand Solutions – a branding and marketing firm in the Bay Area, he is also a renowned fine artist, author and architectural designer. Tune in to our conversation on the Ignite Intimacy podcast where we venture into and through the topics of redefining our relationship to intimacy, maximizing the family dynamic in order to develop deeper intimacy with each other, the creation of taboos that are the root cause of certain perversions, choosing freedom over love, the divine Feminine, honoring our own (and others) divine alters and so much more. This conversation is filled with insights and wisdom … Continue reading

Got the embarrassment bug? Face it, feel it and allow it to clear!

You know that icky yucky completely uncomfortable feeling you get when you’ve said something or done something out of alignment with your truest self?  When you’ve stepped outside of yourself and feel shameful about the effect it had on yourself and/or others?  When you’ve done something that you want to hide from to get away from the experience of it all… feeling that pang in your chest or gut, and at the same time you are running that experience through your mind over and over again rationalizing it, trying to make it better? I’ve done many things in my life that have brought about this experience, as I’ve always had a habit of putting myself out there in plain sight for all to see.. the most vulnerable me!  Wearing my heart on my sleeve or allowing the rebel in me to show her face powerfully.  I have been quick with my tongue at times and am learning to pause BEFORE I speak.. to make sure that whatever is about to come out of my mouth is something I really want or need to say.. and also to be mindful of HOW I am saying it and whether it’s coming from … Continue reading