2012 year in review

Yes, without a doubt.. 2012 has been quite a year.  This year will absolutely be remembered as a year of great transformation and the experience of crossing a significant threshold in my own souls journey and evolution.  

This year has been filled with major transformation, expansion of my heart, mind, body and soul, facing and embracing challenges, the highs and lows, discomfort and self doubt ranging from slight to severe, increasing my capacity to love myself more fully and wholly especially when my actions or reactions weren’t so lovable, I made the greatest financial investment in my own development of personal and professional skills and capacities in 2012 than ever before, I also simultaneously increased my ability to receive more money and celebrated my highest earning month yet in November, I developed my first business, embraced celebration as a way to acknowledge myself, uplift & uplevel my experience and started showing up in life in brand new ways in all of my relations.
Many times during this last year it felt like I was in a push and pull type of relationship with the energies of 2012.  I’d have an awakening and then fear would rise up and do it’s best to keep me in the same old comfortable (but, not really) place or ways of relating to life.  I chose to put a stake in the ground for my own inner growth and development and for showing up in ways that will allow me to be my greatest contribution in and to the world.  Giving so much thanks for all of the people, places, energies and awakenings that brought me here to December 31st 2012 with so many wonderful things to celebrate and reflect upon!
As I sat this morning writing out a list of what worked and what didn’t go so well or didn’t serve me in 2012. I was amazed at how much longer the list of celebrations were.  Here are some of the experiences that come to heart & mind (in no particular order) as I reflect on 2012:
Crossing a threshold in my souls journey. A key part of me is breaking open to birth a new reality!  

Sage Lavine’s Entrepreneurial Leadership Training program

New friendships and relationships worldwide with incredible evolutionary international beings

Feminine Power experience peace and release

Access Consciousness tools & clearing statements to clear out and release what was never mine to begin with, without going into story.

Launched the Femme Entrepreneur Uplift 2 Uplevel group in Buffalo NY to support local Femmepreneurs on their entrepreneurial journeys

Created & launched the Calling All Creatives workshop – my first solo workshop which I held 4 times before the new year.  It was uplifting for all!

Raising, connecting, clarifying, healing and evolving with my incredibly amazing teenage Daughter

Transforming my relationship with my Daughter and standing with and for her through her first heartbreak, break-up, getting back together.. you know, navigating relations 🙂

Launched my first company iFlourish Consulting and celebrated our 1st year in business!

Sacred time with my divine Goddess accountability partners Georgette & Adilah

Co~creating a 4 part Goddess Forum series with Sarah & Eliza

Co~creating the Rise-Up Cafe for the Infringement festival with Karima Amin & Sophia Roberts.. oh, what an inspiring and uplifting event!

Evolving my relationship to Men & sexuality and empowering myself in this area in new ways

Opening my heart to Love once again.. I have a boyfriend for the first time in almost 7 years!!  It’s not perfect for each of us and even so, we’re giving it a sacred attempt, facing fears, communicating and nurturing our connection 

Old structures and systems I created for personal and business are falling away leaving space for new systems.. an email crash created more space for having awareness to zen my email process and buy a new computer!!  

Bringing in my first assistants and building the iFlourish team (they’re awesome!)

Launched my first website for iFlourish Consulting

The sense and experience of heightened intuition, empathic & intuitive gifts

Heightened awareness of how things are coming together in my life and noticing how small steps truly become quantum leaps 🙂

Innate sense of oneness.. it’s real and true

Stepping into my leadership in new empowering ways and being received & acknowledged as a leader in my community

Owning my stuff and taking responsibility for how i’m showing up to co~create what I am experiencing and attracting into my life

Loving myself fully and wholly in ways that went far beyond what I thought was possible!!  Whooooohoooo!!

Beginning to speak publicly and lead solo workshops that created an uplift, connection and expansion of potentials and possibilities for all

Signing my first one on one coaching clients!!

Evolving into the experience of being excited and eager to start my day when I wake

Waking in the morning saying ‘Thank you, Thank you, Thank you… I love you’ while embracing myself

Sharing a home with my elder Parents and sharing a kaleidoscope of experiences with them, creating more connection and a deeper bond 🙂

Connecting with Linda Abrams to notice, allow and clear some deep old energies that no longer serve

Reconnecting with and engaging in regular Guinean West African dance classes

My first solo dance performance as an adult performing a West African Sabar~Belly Dance fusion to a Viviene N’dour track

Allowing, embracing and moving through discomfort, doubt, fear and other shadow energies to a place of empowerment

More focus on self care and self nurturing

Launching my entrepreneurial journey on a next level

The knowing that I’m becoming an expert at what I do.. I have a system.. there is a flow.. I’m good at this

The feeling that comes with doubling and tripling my income

Affiliate partnerships & programs.. building this into my business model in 2013

Stretching.. oh yes.. Stretching my inner being to expand my capacity to receive more of what I desire

New friends.. LOTS of new amazingly awesome incredibly brilliant and wonderful human beings in my life!!

Expanding, Knowing, Being

I started practicing Bikram yoga

Knowing when to let go

Maintaining my dignity

Compassion and humility for self and others

Being comfortable and feeling empowered in myself in my 30’s

Friendship and the importance of creating space to share sacred time with those I love

Being present for my daughter and family 

Recognizing that there are Angels by my side, Spirit Guides, Ancestors guiding, protecting, surrounding, uplifting, inspiring me

Realizing that I don’t have to multi-task and that when I choose to, how engaging in this behavior doesn’t actually serve me or others
Clearly it’s truly been an incredible year.  And I feel that there are many other things to celebrate.  Through the ups and downs and all around… I am truly blessed and giving thanks for what i’ve moved through and all i’ve gained by showing up even in the face of great discomfort, fear and doubt.  
As I sit here on the first day of this new year 2013, I am curious about what wonderment, magic, miracles and experiences await me.  I am open to receive what I need and desire with grace, ease, patience and peace filled and surrounded with love and light.  
Giving thanks for the opportunity to connect with you here.  May you and yours receive the highest blessings and an abundance of all good, beautiful and blessed thin
gs in 2013 and beyond.

Loving myself fully and wholly.. especially through the discomfort

I wake up to the world I say to myself, to the world, to all that is ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ as I give myself a long embrace I tell myself ‘I love you Laura, I love you soooo much.  thank you, thank you for being here.’ when i’m sensing doubt, fear and disbelief in my own abilities to co~create the life and experiences I dream of and envision so clearly in my minds eye, I embrace myself.. I say ‘Laura, I hear that you are doubtful, that you feel fearful and that you are not believing in your abilities to do your life’s work.. I hear you, I see you and I am here WITH and FOR YOU.. you are so special, you are not alone, I am here, your feelings, needs and desires are important to me.. YOU are important to me’ I remind myself that it is easy to love myself fully and wholly, especially when I am feeling uncomfortable, unclear, unsure and doubtful.  I know that life is here, up underneath me, loving me and supporting me to make my greatest contributions for the flourishing of life everywhere. What are some of your self … Continue reading