92 :: Cycles + Sex with Lauren Bille

Episode Description

Lauren Bille is a powerful, gentle, fiery, dynamic, beautiful and true soul. She is on a mission to transform the current societal, racial and gender based paradigms here on planet earth and I am sooo grateful she’s stepped up to the plate.

Lauren and I have distinct similarities in our life experiences and some of the ways we’ve approached dating, relating and our sexuality in the past. Sitting with her was like looking in the mirror at times! This is a powerful and deep conversation that will take you on the journey of a woman who broke out of the addiction and depression of her teen years to having a powerful voice as a grown woman in areas and arenas that impact all of us.

Join entrepreneur and founder of Cycles + Sex, Lauren Bille and I as we explore the realms of self worth, being chosen vs. choosing, personal power, freedom, #metoo, responsibility, consent and so much more on Episode 92 of Ignite Intimacy!

Lauren Bille – BIO

Passionate about racial, gender and economic equity, building meaningful communities and shifting cultural paradigms, Lauren co-founded CYCLES + SEX – the destination for all things reproductive health and sex. They intersect education, tools, experts and community to support and celebrate the body. She is also former Partner at The Big Quiet (a massive meditation movement) which grew from 23 people to over 20,000.
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Where is the there that i'm looking for.. when i'm already here?

As odd as it may sound, at times when I feel hard on myself for not “doing enough” or making it “big” enough yet, I conveniently “forget” (ahh.. forgetfulness, one of those false centers that keeps me distracted from living my fullest experience!  Thankfully I now recognize you when you come along…) that I’ve been immersed in one of the most powerful and empowered “jobs” that a human being can have.: I’ve been nurturing, raising, loving and caring for one of the most incredible people I’ve had the honor of sharing so much time, space, growth and love with yet! I birthed my daughter when I was 20.  With no college degree, I stayed at home consumed in motherhood until she was 2, at which time I felt my soul return to me and the dreams that I’d had prior to carrying her in my womb came to inspire me again. I parted ways with her father and kept putting one foot in front of the other.. and although at times I get hard on myself for not “being there yet” when I’m lost in another false center of comparing myself to others, I realize that I’m here already.  I’ve … Continue reading