An awesome review of my CD release party from graphic artist Afura Fareed

Oh my goddess! I’m so thankful for the awesome feedback about my CD and my CD Release Party. The latest review comes through from my girl Afura Fareed, the graphic designer who has created such magic with my latest projects! She captures the party’s vibe in such a beautiful way… Read on to get even more of the flavor of this oh-so-MEMORABLE evening!

With Afura Fareed after the show!

‘Laura Aiisha’s release party for her debut album “I Am” left little to be desired. It was the first EP launch I’d ever been to, and I’m confident that other guests in the same position would agree that it was everything they’d imagined and then some. The 9th Ward as her choice of venue was perfect. Its old-world-meets-modern-artsy vibe was welcoming and provided a cozy, intimate setting for such a gathering. As the event photographer, I was excited to arrive early and be one of the first guests to receive a free copy of the CD, and to soak up the positive atmosphere on camera before and during the event.

Laura has been a good friend and colleague of mine for a while now, but until her album release party, I hadn’t had the pleasure of seeing her perform live. I was honored to have access to the room behind the scenes where she and her side project The Goddess Collective, were rehearsing and getting geared up for the show. The beautiful stone walls paired with the effortless magic of their voices was like something out of fairytale or a childhood dream. It was obvious that these ladies were not just talented singers, but soul sisters with a genuine bond that manifests itself through the lovely melody of their harmonizing voices.


Backstage at Babeville with Sara Rodriguez, Nancy Sterman, Jeremy Applebaum, Mike Corey, Sarah Haykel (Salsa Sarah), and Janice Mitchell

After their high-energy group prayer, the lights went down and the sound went up. Laura’s choice of musical guests could’t have been more fitting; an African drummer and an Arabian style belly dancer created the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy to engage the crowd, and her twin sister Salsa Sarah was the perfect hostess for the evening. Nancy Sterman pumped up the audience with memorable covers of old favourites like The Beatles, which had the now full house all singing along.

When finally The Goddess Collective hit the stage, their mellow tunes had the house swaying in harmony, and then the tempo went up for the main event, Laura’s solo performance! The energy of the crowd took on a life of its own, and Laura’s energy on stage was like nothing I’d ever experienced before. They say that a good performer should sound just as good on stage as they do in a professional recording session. Well, no recording equipment I know of could have even done justice to Laura Aiisha’s live presence that night. Her lyrics and rhythms have the power to speak to complete strangers around the world, and her performance at the 9th Ward spoke directly to the hearts of her family and friends who had been with her through the epic adventure leading up to this life-changing event.


After the show with the incomparable Zuri Appleby and amazing DJ Yama!

Overall, the album release was a huge success for anyone involved in its production, and I was thrilled to be a part of such a powerful event. There was no “fluff” needed to make the night fulfilling to everyone involved. Every guest performer, everyone who collaborated behind the scenes, probably even every guest in the audience has a personal connection to Laura and has been touched by her positive energy in some way, and I think that’s what makes any endeavour meaningful and potent.

A wonderful group of individuals pooled their efforts and talents to make the album release as epic as it was, but Laura most of all should be immensely proud of this accomplishment. Rather than hiring an event planner, or being sponsored by a record label, Laura arranged everything from the stage lineup to the manufacturing of the CD herself, and was actively involved in every little detail in between.

Laura is one of the strongest, most inspiring women I know, and I’m sure everyone who’s met her or seen her work will agree that it’s a blessing to have her in their life! I’m so proud of her and excited to see where her bright future leads her next!’

~ Afura Fareed, Graphic Artist, OddSoul Designs

Mmm giving thanks to Afura for this ahhmazing review!

A special thanks to Afura for providing the design for my CD packaging, all my CD release promo, my latest business cards, and my new branding. She is amazing. Please check out her website and get a sense of the awesome work she’s doing in the world!

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Lots of love to my tribe, highly bless, and keep standing strong!



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