Giving Thanks

I often feel like the gratitude girl because to me, everyday is an opportunity for thanksgiving.  I’m not always consciously aware of how often I ‘Give Thanks’ however those around me definitely take notice.  For example, I recently spent a weekend in Austin TX with my business coach Sage Lavine and a handful of other women in the program.  I had to leave early for the airport on our final day together.  Upon my departure from the conference room all of the women said together ‘GIVE THANKS!’

It made me smile, knowing that this natural way of showing up is having an impact on those around me.
This practice of giving thanks stems from my love for and connection to reggae music.  One of the things that I’ve always loved most about roots reggae is the reverence for the ‘Most High’ or ‘Jah’ and giving thanks & praises for all that is.  
I’m not a religious person however, I am highly spiritual in nature and have always felt a direct connect to ‘source’ energy. I’ve been this way since I was a small child, and used to fear that ‘God’ would call on me to be a nun!  The way that spirituality is expressed in reggae music just resonates with me, it always has.  And knowing that some of the greatest roots reggae rose from the ghettos of Kingston, Jamaica shows me the power of gratitude and how it can uplift people living in the most difficult circumstances.  
Gratitude and celebration are two main tools that I use to uplift and uplevel my daily experience on a regular basis.  It is an absolute fact that focusing on gratitude and celebration will completely shift & UPLIFT your energy and vibration, bringing more peace, presence while creating a gateway to transforming a crappy moment, day or experience into an opportunity to celebrate.  
We all have our own concept of God/Goddess, Source, Universe, Allah, Buddah.. whatever you conceive this all encompassing almighty power and energy that is in each atom of our beings and existence, and how, when, where we choose to Give Thanks.  And i’m curious about what you’re giving thanks for today.  
Here’s my short list to get you started:
The breath of Life
My amazing awe inspiring daughter & Twin sister
The beauty and magic of nature and our natural environment
International community of family & friends
Good health and the ability to utilize all of my sense, limbs and extremities 
Living in a safe and peaceful environment
Running water & hot water on demand
Uninterrupted electricity
The ability to freely gather with my women friends and discuss anything we please
The freedom to create whatever type of business, product or service that I can possibly dream into existence
Self awareness, self love and honoring myself and my value in this world
The ability to choose in every moment
I invite you to share with me what you’re giving thanks for, your gratitude habits and how gratitude is transforming your experience.. I know you want to, don’t you?!
As we continually… Give THANKS!!