I'm my Heroine!

Upon reviewing a link on my Facebook page for Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey: http://vimeo.com/19147130 I was reminded of a profound awakening I had recently.  Here is a little story about it..

I recently started to take Bikam yoga and i’ve got to tell you.. I feel like a real champ every time I make it through the class and come out walking on my own two feet, alive and well! Last Sunday as I lay on the floor 60 minutes into class next to a woman who looked to be about 6 months pregnant.

I kept thinking to myself “She is my hero..” and felt called to whisper this to her during the class. I wondered why I kept hearing this in my head and decided that instead of saying anything I would simply hold space for this message.. and then I had an ‘Aha!’ moment as I brought the energy into myself and re~framed this message.

The message came loud and clear, “I AM my hero” and it resonated so powerfully as I repeated a few more times “I AM MY Hero!!” The energy I felt in my body as I said this to myself was expansive and grounded in this inner peace confidence & ♥. It is the energy of my future self coming into the present moment.. it is the realization that I am becoming more fully aligned with my truest nature!

Today I am learning to celebrate that I am my own Heroine.  I no longer have a need to be ‘saved’ or ‘rescued’ from life.. i’m stepping in, stepping up and developing the tools and capacities that I need to do this from an empowered place.. and know that my community is here to support me whenever need be!  Giving thanks for this empowered awakening!