"I’m Sleepy" is my day 3 song for The Haykel Twins 7 Day Song Challenge!

Here is my song for day 3 of The Haykel Twins 7 day song challenge!

Click here to listen to my song “I’m Sleepy.”

Doing the song challenge is me choosing what’s in alignment with what I’m creating, a theme that is resonating with me so much lately! So even though I was just about to go to sleep, I honored my commitment to this awesome 7 Day Song Challenge!

Bikram Yoga was good medicine yesterday.. clearing my mind & heart and moving out some heavy energy I was experiencing for a lot of the day. With this HOT practice, I was able to return this energy “to sender with consciousness attached.” Whew!!

What are some practices you like to do when you’re in the illusion of confusion?

What do they make you feel? What could you do more of to uplift your energy and be the blissful soul you be?

Please let me know in the comments below!

And again, you can listen to “I’m Sleepy” by clicking here!

Giving sooo much thanks for the opportunity to share with you here! And… I cannot WAIT to share my first ever solo recording project with you this spring! I’m currently working on a 6 song EP and it’s massive!!! *Stay tuned*

Bless & Empower,