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From a high school dropout to young single Mother turned entrepreneur, I am now making the powerful choice to own my power, worth, and passion while sharing my gifts with the world as a source of uplift, inspiration and empowerment!


Greetings & Welcome to my home on the interwebs! My name is Laura Aiisha. I’ve had creative juice running through my veins since I was a child. My Mom is musically inclined and played piano, guitar and sang with us when we were kids. I always loved dancing, creating performances with my twin sis Sarah, and was pretty much obsessed with gymnastics. I grew up playing the piano, and was 2nd seat 1st violinist in my middle school orchestra!

Throughout my youth I loved music!! Many different genres of music from pop, punk rock, new age, and reggae to folk and classical moved my soul. Music has defined the different stages of my life in the most significant ways. Artists like Janet Jackson, The Police, The Cure, Fugazi, Madonna, Sade, Steel Pulse, The Grateful Dead, Bob Dylan, Tupac, Mos Def, Lauryn Hill and others inspired me.

However, something shifted within me in my mid-teens and I gave up on myself as a ‘creative’ person. My late teens into early 20’s were wild and crazy! After several rocky years, two of which I spent staying home with my daughter until she turned 2, I chose to pursue a career on the business end of music and entertainment in my early to mid 20’s.

Basically, I pigeon holed myself on the ‘business’ end of things to play small and safe from having to muster up the courage to step onto the main stage. You see, I’ve always wanted to be liked by everyone and didn’t have very thick skin, even though a part of me was aching to come out into the spotlight.

After 12+ years as an independent consultant in sales, new business development, business coaching, television/film & the music business, my inner creative spirit could hide no longer. After years of being a closet singer, with the help of my life coach and a few trusted friends, I gave in to that little voice in my head telling me to go to Karaoke to get over my fear of singing in front of other people.

After 4 weeks of Karaoke I was totally bored! I remember saying to myself… ‘I know what I’m going to do.. I’m going to start a reggae band!’

Back in 2007, it was official. I decided to come out from behind the scenes of the music industry and step onto the stage as lead singer & co-Founder of the Rochester, NY based reggae band Mosaic Foundation. In addition, I also took on the role of manager and booking agent! I’ll never forget how it felt to step onto a stage, mic in hand, for the first time!

I would work from home during the day as a new business development consultant for small companies nationally, and then pack my daughter up and bring her to our rehearsals in the evening (or host them in our dining room).

Once we started performing, it was ON! Our 5th show we opened up for Reggae GREAT Toots & The Maytals on the main stage at Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, NY! This was a HUGE accomplishment for a band fresh out of the gate.

What I discovered is that with no formal training or stage performance experience, I was able to magnetize people to me, and uplift and energize audiences with my wild vibrant Gemini energy, this deep soulful voice coming from deep within me, and these empowering messages coming through me!

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After leaving Mosaic Foundation in 2009, I took a 2-year hiatus from performing. It was a bit traumatic to walk away from a project I poured my heart and soul into, however it was absolutely necessary!

Over the last few years my muse has been calling me back to music, speaking and performing. I’ve begun sharing inspiring melodies, mantras and motivational messages with audiences nationally, which has ignited a passion and sense of purpose from the center of my soul.

What a gift to uplift and energize audiences nationwide with my music and performances! In 2013 I began performing at small to large-scale women leadership events, empowering and inviting participants to claim their power, purpose and truth as they choose to consciously co~create the lives they truly desire to experience. I was also a featured speaker along with my amazing twin sistar Sarah Haykel for TedxBuffaloWomen in 2013!!


At the top of 2014 I entered the recording studio to begin working on my first solo recording project. June 2014 marks the release of my debut CD, ‘I Am,’ which features 5 original songs written and sung by me!!

Buy Laura Aiisha’s Debut CD Here:

I released my first ever music video in August 2014 for my song ‘We Stand Strong’. View it below:

‘We Stand Strong’ Official Music Video from Laura Aiisha.

I also have a passion for supporting Femmepreneurs, to monetize their gifts and liberate themselves from the 9-5 in order to create businesses and lives they love!

My one-on-one coaching sessions and group workshops are transforming women’s lives. Visit my blog for articles on topics such as inspiration, motivation, personal empowerment, entrepreneurship, self-responsibility, enlightenment, and much more.

Get Your FREE copy of my song ‘Get Up’!
It’s my gift especially for you!

A way cool splash of old school soul...

With her exquisitely smooth alto, Laura Aiisha balances secular accessibility with an irresistible spirituality and a way cool splash of old school soul. This artist has blossomed exponentially to embrace so much more of the world and its music. I've got a feeling there's more splendor to come from Laura Aiisha."


Viscerally uplifting...

Laura Aiisha's EP 'I Am' is packed with messages of positivity and empowerment, its combination of reggae, world-beat, R&B, soul and dance music offering the properly ebullient accompaniment to Haykel’s sensuous, soulful singing. Coupled with Haykel’s assertively optimistic lyrics, a viscerally uplifting atmosphere ensues."

Jeff Miers, Pop Music Critic
The Buffalo News

I know this will be a great success...

Laura, your CD sounds incredible! We are an office full of women and it really spoke to us. Empowering. Your vocals are awesome. I love the vibe, the message is powerful and I know this will be a great success! Worldwide!"

Major subconscious healing...

Laura Aiisha, I’m LOVIN’ your songs!! I listen to them all the time. The other night “I Feel Like Singing” was playing in my dream! Those songs must be doing some major subconscious healing."

Adilah Curry, Serial Entrepreneur

Thank you for sharing your heArt...

I have been listening to your album a few times per week and the last few days have been waking up with one of your songs playing in my mind! Loving it! Thank you for sharing your heArt."

Jennifer Russo, Yogi, Healer, Artist, Mama

I found your voice to be like pure, rich and golden liquid honey...

I found your voice to be like pure, rich and golden liquid honey and your spirit to be sheer sunshine, exuding amazing rays of healing energy and light to all who participated in the CD release party...

You exuded exceptional life-changing, transformative power and with laser-sharp focus, you and the band created the type of synergy and tightness of the highest caliber that I've heard in WNY.

I'm an avid performer and musician and have heard tons of bands locally and nationally, and I must say that your release party and band killed it...redefined and adjusted the bar way up!

Although I do attend many local concerts, I must say that I do NOT typically enjoy listening to original artists/compositions that much...HOWEVER, I find myself listening to your CD every time I get into the car.

Your voice is rich, warm and earthy with hints of almost Middle Eastern inflections, as is your music."

Andrea Todaro, Entrepreneur & Social Activist