Feeling ‘BAD’ You Still Haven’t Launched That Creative Project?

Do you have a creative project or idea budding in your mind and pulling at the strings of your heart? Are you aching to get out of your own way and start to nurture that powerful creative living inside of you? Well GOOD then! Because I have a message for you… It’s time. It’s wild to think that we’re already one month into 2015!  I don’t know about you, but I’ve been meditating on, planning and clarifying the different projects, movements and other things I want to prioritize and activate on 2015. Honestly, it can feel quite ‘whelming’ at times and I’ve found myself crossing certain things off the list to free up more space to focus on the projects with the most energy. I am sooo excited to share one of these projects with you – a FREE Webinar: 3 Keys to Launch Your Creative Project in 2015 Monday February 9th at 7pm EST Sold on the title alone? Sign up here! As you may recall, at the end of 2014 I completed The Get Up Movement.  I’m so thankful to everyone who took the time to fill out the survey after this event (If you missed it click here to … Continue reading

When love comes knockin' on your door

I hear the subtle voice.. the longing, the missing, the hoping, the wanting. At times the subtle voice seems to have more power than my deeper knowing. It wants me to hide, to give up, to whine and complain about what’s not working, to focus on the don’t want instead of the want, to be lost in an illusion of confusion or to convince me that I’m not really all that special… that I lack in some way that will forever stand in my way of meeting my dreams face to face, in real time. Hmmm… I’m so curious about this voice on these frigid snow filled winter days. A pattern has surfaced again these last few weeks. I am aware of this pattern in my life and it’s felt so frustrating to get clear about what this pattern is trying to show me, teach me, guide me through and into. You see, I’ve never been the type of woman to jump from one long term relationship into another. I’ve spent more time journeying solo with lovers on the side. It somehow felt safer to me.. to guard my heart from the pain of a breakup, the realization that the … Continue reading

Blessed Soulstice brilliant beings!

Blessed Soulstice brilliant and courageous Light Beings!! I am giving sooo much thanks for YOU in my life and in the world. Do you know what a supreme gift you are?! I want to take a moment to acknowledge everything you’ve been through to be who are and to get where you are today. YOU have embraced courage and have mustered up the strength and belief in self to step into your YES and your BRILLIANCE and I HONOR THAT! What I know is true… is that every time we listen to and trust our guidance, step into our YES and CLAIM the life we KNOW is our birthright (the life of our dreams.. know what I’m sayin?!) we create more Unity within ourselves and within in our lives and communities. I give thanks for all of the ways that you are showing up which has inspired and ignited me to be more fully ME Courageously. Your choices and successes show me what’s possible when I choose to continue putting one foot in front of the other! Full joy this sacred and beautiful Soulstice, remembering who you be and anchoring in a new reality of bright bliss as you visualize … Continue reading

6 ways to support yourself through this common human experience

Honestly, I’ve been feeling a little lack luster the last two days, sleepy, a bit uninspired. Do you ever feel that way? Do you ever wonder, ‘What the heck is going on with me? I don’t feel very inspired or energized, my feet are dragging and I just feel like laying out in the sun or sleeping a little longer in my bed!’ And then you take a moment to look at your life and it dawns on you, that you’re in the midst of another one of life’s big transitions. Transition is a part of life for every human being. At one time or another we are transitioning through relationships, in and out of different projects, businesses, work environments, school, moving to a new home, new state, new country, letting go so that we can let in more of what we truly desire. Through the years I’ve noticed that whenever I’m going through a transition, I usually start by wondering, ‘What the heck is going on with me?!’ And then I stop, breathe, take a step back and look at my life and I remember that, ‘Ohhh… I’m in the midst of another transition! That’s what it is.’ I … Continue reading

I don't brag about having this skill anymore..

Over the years I’ve found that there are skills and behaviors that I’ve developed out of a need to do all that I felt needed to be done in order to ‘hold it all together’ or to ‘be a great success.’ These skills and beliefs have assisted me in managing life as a single mom, freelance consultant and now Mompreneur with two businesses and a full life! As I grow on my own evolutionary transformational journey though, I’m realizing that some of these skills, habits and beliefs are no longer serving me in what I truly desire to experience on the day to day.  One ‘skill’ in particular is multitasking. A while back I started to realize how multitasking was taking me away from the present moment, keeping me totally distracted to things that are really important to me, I realized that I wasn’t being the best listener, Mother, Friend etc. I also realized that the need to multitask really came from a deep limiting belief riding on a wave of fear that ‘If I don’t manage all of the hundreds of tasks in my life right now, I’ll never ‘make it’ or ‘get there.’ My first life coach Julie Cramer (she’s … Continue reading

Are you standing in your own way?

I’m curious about something… Are you standing in your own way? Sometimes the biggest thing getting in the way of us taking a chance on our dreams or goals is ourselves. I have had this experience several times. From getting the courage to sing and share my voice in front of an audience, to reinvesting my resources for life changing personal development and entrepreneurial training programs (as a single Mom fully responsible for supporting my family), trust me, I’ve been there. Putting yourself out there can be scary.  I can remember those feelings of apprehension taking over my mind and body as I considered what it would be like to step out on a stage and sing from a mic for all to hear my voice. Stepping forward fully into your dreams can be nerve wreaking, but over and over again I have found that it is TOTALLY worth it.  Most of what I’ve accomplished to date has been a combination of having people around me who believe in and support me and a belief (deep down inside) in my unique gifts and talents. Stepping forward in the face of fear and just going for it has given me a … Continue reading

My Perspective Part 2 – From Sage Lavine's Spiritual Wealth Retreat

It’s no surprise that I love nature and I love the ocean! One of my favorite places is on the Northern California coast, anywhere that I can see the ocean, easily access a walk on the beach and feel the ocean breeze. It’s one of those places where I feel this innate sense of connection as soon as I land at the airport. I’ve been aware lately of how I step in and try to control my experience. It doesn’t matter if something awesome is happening or something really challenging. Standing at the oceans edge with the wind blowing in my face and the waves crashing in, I think about the power of surrendering. And I am reminded that there is something MUCH bigger than me at play in my life and in the world. It’s humbling and you know what? Humility is one of my big life lessons. I recently listened to an interview that Leela Somaya did with Christine Arylo on Leela’s latest tele-summit. Christine talked about becoming aware of trying to be in control and the power of letting go, laying on the floor saying powerfully out loud, ‘I Surrender! I Surrender! I Surrender!’ So there I was, … Continue reading

My Perspective from Sage Lavine's Spiritual Wealth Retreat

On April 12th I recorded this live and direct from Sage Lavine’s Spiritual Wealth Retreat at Asilomar retreat center near Monterey California. I joined a small team to support Sage with this event that served over 140 women to step up and into their power and potentials in business and life. Wow… what a weekend filled with transformation, clarity and saying YES to that which we truly desire to experience and contribute in this world! I even had the opportunity to sing my new song ‘Get UP’ from the stage.. it was a dream come TRUE! Or perhaps, thinking about something that Reverend Deborah Johnson said from stage, I came true for my dream 🙂 Here’s her quote, ‘Your dreams are waiting for you to come true.’ Oh, YEA Rev D! To learn more about what we were doing at the ocean that windy Friday, check out my vlog below.   In light of recent events in our world, looking back it was a tremendous blessing to be there and experience the raw elements of mother earth in such a sacred container. Totally transformational for the mind, body and soul. Now, here’s where i’d love to hear from you! What is … Continue reading

Commitments, rescheduling, saying yes & saying no

Last week I had an experience where I had scheduled what was to be a catch up call with a woman I had done a program with a few years ago. When Friday morning came around energetically I was not feeling like it was a good day/time to have the call anymore as I have several higher priority items on my list to take care of regarding my businesses and current clients. I reached out to this woman via email prior to our call to let her know how I was feeling and to ask her about rescheduling. She never got the email and we ended up communicating over Skype chat, where I again let her know that I couldn’t make the call. She acknowledged me for listening to my guidance and then followed up by saying that I had a commitment where someone else was involved, and to change my agreement last minute was questionable to her, and why would she reschedule, because i’ll probably just do it again. I actually felt very clear about my decision this morning and bless and release it. However, there is a bigger energy that this experience is bringing up. I’ve always been … Continue reading