Welcome to LauraAiisha.com! I’m super stoked that you’ve stepped up, shown up and found your way to my home on the web.

Here’s a bit of my story:

I’ve had creative juice running through my veins since I was a child. I always loved dancing, creating performances, singing, and gymnastics. Throughout my youth I loved music!! Many different genres of music from pop, punk rock, new age, and reggae to folk and classical moved my soul. Music has defined the different stages of my life in the most significant ways.

However, something shifted within me in my mid-teens and I gave up on myself as a ‘creative’ person. After several rocky years, two of which I spent staying home with my daughter until she turned 2, I chose to pursue a career on the business end of music and entertainment in my early to mid 20’s. Basically, I pigeonholed myself on the ‘business’ end of things to play small and safe from having to muster up the courage to step onto the main stage.


Laura Aiisha performing at Sage Lavine’s Women’s Leadership Summit at Asilomar in California

After 12+ years as an independent consultant in sales, new business development, business coaching, television/film & the music business, my inner creative spirit could hide no longer.

In 2007, it was official. I decided to come out from behind the scenes of the music industry and step onto the stage as lead singer & co-Founder of the Rochester, NY based reggae band Mosaic Foundation. In addition, I also took on the role of manager and booking agent! I’ll never forget how it felt to step onto a stage, mic in hand, for the first time!

What I discovered is that with no formal training or stage performance experience, I was able to magnetize people to me, and uplift and energize audiences with my wild vibrant Gemini energy, this deep soulful voice coming from deep within me, and these empowering messages coming through me!

After leaving Mosaic Foundation in 2009, I took a 2-year hiatus from performing.

Over the last few years my muse has been calling me back to music, speaking and performing. I’ve begun sharing inspiring melodies, mantras and motivational messages with audiences nationally, which has ignited a passion and sense of purpose from the center of my soul.

What a gift to uplift and energize audiences nationwide with my music and performances! In 2013 I began performing at small to large-scale women leadership events, empowering and inviting participants to claim their power, purpose and truth as they choose to consciously co~create the lives they truly desire to experience.

At the top of 2014 I entered the recording studio to begin working on my first solo recording project. June 2014 marks the release of my debut CD, ‘I Am,’ which features 5 original songs written and sung by me!! You can access the digital download of ‘I AM’ by CLICKING HERE.

I was recently featured in Buffalo’s local paper The Buffalo News in their special Friday Arts & Entertainment section. Click here to read their review of my ‘I AM’!

I also have a passion for supporting Femmepreneurs to monetize their gifts and liberate themselves from the 9-5 in order to create businesses and lives they love!

My one-on-one coaching sessions and group workshops are transforming women’s lives.

Check out the Blog for articles on topics such as inspiration, motivation, personal empowerment, entrepreneurship, self-responsibility, enlightenment, and much more.

OK, that’s a bit of my story… now what’s your new true life story?

I can’t wait to hear about your personal journey.

The words we choose have the power to Uplift us or keep us in an old place.
Here is our play on words:

If = When
Hope = Trust
Maybe = Absolutely
I don’t know = I KNOW
I can’t = I CAN
I can = I AM
Don’t forget = Remember to
Thank you = Give Thanks!
Feedback = Reflection
Dedicated = Livicated
Understand = Overstand
Appreciate = Apprecialove
Woman = Goddess Empress Bless
Do = Be
Believe & Receive

I recommend Laura to anyone...

By encouraging me to launch & uplevel with my new food business, Laura was able to key in to the valuable gifts that I have & bring those talents to the surface to share with others. I started cooking vegan meals for people on the go in November 2012. I now have 6 clients for a weekly food pick-up & it's growing. As a stay at home Mom seeking new ways to generate more income, I've grown my business to a place where it is profitable. Laura's love, guidance & encouragement has boosted my self-esteem. It is comforting to know that I am always being supported by her. I recommend Laura to anyone who needs help getting a business started or needs help taking it to the next level.

I feel so energized, so purposeful....

Janet Hinkel

I wanted to thank you for your awesome, UPLIFTING suggestions. In the two weeks after the November 18 Femme Entrepreneur meeting, EVERYTHING has changed - in the best possible ways.

I feel so good, so light, so energized, so happy, so purposeful. The changes I've made/experienced are a direct result of your suggestions and encouragement, so THANK YOU!

Janet Hinkel
Serial Femmepreneur

I feel so blessed...

Your workshop was so inspiring.  You are truly gifted on so many levels.  You inspired me not to give up, and your best advice was to let go of things that never belonged to me in the first place.  I feel so blessed to have been part of your workshop, and grateful for all that you shared.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Pamela Sant Allen
Veiled Ambitions