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A podcast diving deep into the realms of INTIMACY, Romantic Relationships, SEXUALITY, and the plethora of issues, aha’s, TABOOS, Fantasies, and psychological impacts and many layers of these topics including: redefining our relationship to Intimacy; JEALOUSY; Infidelity; the secret sauce to Long-Term Fulfilling Relationships; OPEN Relationships; Polyamory; Physical, Psychic, & Spiritual Attachments; MONOGAMY; Self-Pleasuring; the Freedom that comes with Transparency; Honesty vs. Dishonesty; the long term impact of KEEPING SECRETS; Communication; DESIRE; Chasing vs. Attracting – and more!

We will be featuring special guests, experts, and everyday people who’ve got stories to tell and opinions to share about Love, Romance, Intimacy, and Sexuality. The point is to get this conversation out there in a much bigger way. This is not a typical ‘interview’ style program – it’s an ongoing conversation. My guests and I will go back and forth and roll with the energy and topics as they present themselves.



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Latest Episode

4 :: Exploring Porn with N’Jelle and Guy

Episode Description:

Join me and two of my favorite people in the world, N’Jelle & Guy, as we dive into a conversation about Pornography, why we use it, what we get from it and how it impacts our relationship to physical intimacy with ourselves and others

Did you know that worldwide, pornography rakes in anywhere from $57 Billion to $100 Billon annually?! In the United States it generates more revenue than ABC, CBS and NBC combined and more than all professional football, baseball and basketball franchises combined annually!* Wow! This is a LOT of porn being consumed!!

When I sat on the couch of some of my favorite people in the world recently, with the intention of recording this conversation, we wondered, ‘hmmm… which topic shall we record our conversation on?! There are just sooo many things we could dive into!!’

And then I asked the question… ‘Is porn bad?!’ And there you have it… we got the mic, and with their 10 month son running around in the background (you’ll hear his laughter and voice in the background of this recording) we dove deep into this topic.

This is a powerful topic and a powerful conversation that you definitely want to tune into! We explore porn from a man’s and a woman’s perspective, discuss the impact easily accessible porn via the internet is having on the youth and our intimate connections in adult relationships and oh so much more!!

N’Jelle Gage and Guy Thorne – BIO

Hailing originally from Jamaica and Guyana, founding artistic producers/choreographers husband-and-wife team N’Jelle Gage and Guy Thorne are the creators of FuturPointe Dance, a genre bending Rochester, New York based dance theater company, created in 2009 by this dynamic duo. They are also some of the most evolutionary, mind/heart/soul expanding and amazing human beings I know!

Their company FuturPointe’s work is called Reggae-Ballet© characterized by a sensory, multi-genre repertoire born of a sophisticated fusion of traditional and modern Caribbean dance forms, ballet, and Latin vocabulary. The company’s repertoire incorporates elements of multi-media, fashion, and provocative performance art to produce an unusual and emotionally transporting dance experience.

Guy Thorne emigrated from Jamaica as a young man, beginning his career in the US as a scholarship student at the Dance Theater of Harlem & later joining Garth Fagan Dance ( 2002-2009).

FuturPointe Dance co-founder, president and Artistic Director N’Jelle Gage-Thorne is an international dancer and educator that has worked extensively throughout the United States, Africa, Central America and the Caribbean.

N’Jelle Gage-Thorne also teaches master classes in Caribbean contemporary dance techniques (Tecnica Cubana, L’Antech ™, Reggae ballet, Jamaican urban jazz) at college residencies, festivals, the Draper Center for Dance Education in New York State, and studios across the country.

Check them out online at: http://www.futurpointe.org/

*Statistics cited from the book ‘Sex At Dawn’ by Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jetha

3 :: Courageous Relational Explorer with Dana Saylor

Episode Description:

Join Dana Saylor and I as we dispel the myth and dive deep into her experience with marriage, open relationships and what’s possible when you’re truly transparent

Dana Saylor is a 21st century woman and dynamic being living in these powerful times, although she could have easily lived in the 1950’s with her energy and savvy. She is an artist, historian, and event planner… a ‘creative place maker’! Which is a blanket term that she uses to define art, historical research, event planning, and the consulting she offers community organizations to bring more juice to local events in innovative ways. She is most definitely a leader who respects both cultural history and architectural history. She is also a visual artist depicting architecture and other things as well. Dana and I dive into her own experience being a married woman who decided to broach the topic of open relationships with her husband and what happened as a result. She turns me on to the Kinsey Scale, and how to be transparent and open about our own sexual orientation, our desires and fantasies. We dive into non negotiables, the power of alone time, online dating and ‘swipe’ culture, and more! Are you ready to dispel the myth with Dana and I? Then tune in NOW!

Dana Saylor – BIO

Photo Credit: John Carocci

Photo Credit: John Carocci

Dana Saylor is an artist, historian and creative event planner. She leverages her experience in architectural and public history, as well as tactical urbanism and preservation, to assist communities with placemaking projects.

Find Dana and learn more about her projects, consulting and art online at DanaSaylor.com and EveryBuildinginBuffalo.com She is also a Vice President and Co-Founder of Emerging Leaders in the Arts in Buffalo, NY and a member of the Young Buffalo Preservationists and you can find her on Facebook at @UrbanSketchersBuffalo

2 :: Put More Love On It with Abba Yahudah

Episode Description:

Abba Yahudah is a true mystic and renaissance man. He is the only person I know to date who hasn’t touched a dollar bill, or no other form of money in over 20 years. He went barefoot for 7 years and has lived, loved and journeyed around the world seeking wisdom from cultures near and far. Born in Jamaica, and now living in Oakland, California, Abba Yahudah is a multi-passionate entrepreneur and creative. Aside from launching successful business ventures with his close family and community like Inesscents Aromatic Botanicals, OAKSTOP – a co-working space in downtown Oakland, CA and Got Brand Solutions – a branding and marketing firm in the Bay Area, he is also a renowned fine artist, author and architectural designer.

Tune in to our conversation on the Ignite Intimacy podcast where we venture into and through the topics of redefining our relationship to intimacy, maximizing the family dynamic in order to develop deeper intimacy with each other, the creation of taboos that are the root cause of certain perversions, choosing freedom over love, the divine Feminine, honoring our own (and others) divine alters and so much more. This conversation is filled with insights and wisdom from one of my favorite bredren!!

Abba Yahudah – BIO

AbbaAn African Jamaican male with a feminist perspective, Abba Yahudah is a conscious visionary heart brother, deeply committed to the rebirth of the Goddess and with deep empathy for the suffering of black women, but also for the pain of the larger collective body of African people. The African Diaspora, Ethiopianism, mysticism, and the Rastafarian experience inspire his art and writings.  He believes in the ultimate unity of all spiritual traditions, but as a Jamaican, unable to escape the Catholic and Baptist missionaries, he has been particularly influenced by Christianity.  He could be considered a Gnostic Rastafarian in the sense that he has retained the jewels of truth in Christianity, but has radically dissected the false patriarchal ideologies that subjugate the feminine principle. He prefers to take history all the way back to the land of Ethiopia, where humanity originated from the primordial womb of the Mother.

He has felt the pain of his heritage and has spent most of his life developing an artistic identity that transcends borders, labels and stereotypes, not an easy task for an African Jamaican male.

Born in St. Catherine, Jamaica, to a family of artists and builders, Abba Yahudah early on vowed to devote himself entirely to art; making everything he did a creative exercise. By the age of ten, he developed a very detailed eye, showing remarkable skill with the pencil, and able to draw the identical likeness of anything he saw. He migrated to the United States in 1981 and at the age of fifteen took his first job as a sign painter, intimately exposing him to typography and layout.  Several of his works were published in local and national media such as Sights and Sounds, The Apprentice Writer and Student Voice.  While living in New York he enrolled in 1985 in Parson’s School of Design, majoring in graphic design. A year later, he enrolled in the School of Visual Arts, majoring in design and illustration. In 1987 Abba Yahudah was working as an art director/illustrator for one of the larger design firms in Manhattan.  He designed and illustrated for companies such as Sony, Sharp, Revlon, Maxwell House, and Pepsi, to name a few.  In 1996, he opened the first Rastafarian Gallery in Park Slope, Brooklyn, calling it Lalibela after the monolithic churches of Ethiopia’s New Jerusalem.

Abba Yahudah currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and divides his time between Jamaica, Oregon and the Bay Area. His art has traveled internationally, to Italy, Spain, Ethiopia, exhibiting at the Habesha and Lela Art Galleries, and Jamaica, with an exhibit at the University of the West Indies. He has also exhibited at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., and numerous galleries in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has had an amazing and very successful show at the California Institute of Integral Studies. He is also a talented musician and loving father. Abba Yahudah recently published is first scholarly endeavor, A Journey To The Roots of Rastafari – The Essene Nazarite Link, written, compiled and illustrated by him.  Apart from running a fulltime branding firm, Abba Yahudah’s present endeavors include working with Oakstop’s Trevor Perham and the legendary historian, artist and author Dr. Samella Lewis’s grandson, Unity Lewis to design and develop the third volume of the “Black Artist on Art” book series. He also has a new manuscript that he is presently  editing but says it  won’t be ready  to be published until 2017.

To learn more about Abba Yahudah please visit him online at: AbbaYahudah.com, Inesscents.com and check out his book A Journey to the Roots of Rastafari on Amazon.com! You can also link up with him on Facebook.com @AbbaYahudah









Giving thanks for the opportunity to reason with this powerful, wise and deep bredren and friend! Enjoy and share with your friends!!

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I have always been fascinated by the world of relational experiences. Wondering what makes two people come together, break apart, stay single, attract many suitors and long term relationships, or none at all, what makes some venture into the world of polyamory, while others were born into a culture and society where polygamy is common and if not a choice, something they learn to live with. I’ve been meditating on these topics for quite some time now when in January 2016 an energy larger than me began pulling me forward to explore all of these topics (and more) in an interactive and audio based conversation I could share with the public. Coming off of my first ever 6 month ‘man-pause’ (not menopause…. a MAN pause) I figured it was the perfect time to launch the Ignite Intimacy podcast!

What I believe to be true based on my experiences and conversations with others is that is that we as a collective society are not having enough transparent conversations about these topics, issues and desires. By bringing this conversation to a larger audience, with the intention to create more transparency and dialogue around these topics, there is a profound evolution that can (and will) occur. I know that our world will be a better place when more of us choose to stop living within the framework of a ‘lie’ and live in alignment with who we truly are at the core. I look forward to seeing a world where more of us choose to live ‘out’ about who we are as relational, intimate and sexual creatures, than ‘in’ where many choose to hide behind the guise of what is acceptable by society’s or our community’s standards. I have a feeling that when we can level the playing field and realize that most likely every human being has been impacted in some way shape or form by some aspect of this conversation, even if by a twinge of jealousy, that our world, and our relationships will benefit tremendously. 


This podcast is for informational purposes only. Nothing in the podcast constitutes medical or other professional advice. Guests of this podcast express their own opinions, experiences, and conclusions. Their beliefs and views may not reflect our own. Ignite Intimacy deals with adult subject matter that may offend or trigger some listeners. Listener discretion is advised. This podcast is available for private, non-commercial use only. You may not edit, modify, or redistribute this podcast. Ignite Intimacy assumes no liability for any of your activities in connection with this podcast or for your use of this podcast in connection with your website, computer, or playback device.