Top Ten Episodes of Ignite Intimacy in 2018!

Holy Moly! We’re here at the end of December. This year has been a pivotal and powerful year!

And, we are SO CLOSE to our 100th episode of the Ignite Intimacy podcast!

2018 has brought us some of the most unique episodes to date, thousands of new listeners, and so much love, connection and new information!

As the year comes to a close we’re inviting you to join us in revisiting the ten most popular episodes of 2018. Please enjoy them over again and share with your friends and loved ones!

Giving thanks for all of your support this year!


Episode 67 :: Female Choice Paradigm, Female Sexuality + Living Polyamorous with Kenya Stevens

This episode finds me diving deep with the dynamic Kenya Stevens into female choice, sexuality, polyamory, choosing to embrace femininity and being a catalyst for new relational paradigms.


Episode 72 :: Pleasure + Infidelity + Truth Telling with Robert Kandell

An energizing, empowering and thought provoking episode focused on pleasure, permission, truth telling, infidelity, forgiveness and relationship styles.


Episode 71 :: Juicebox, Sex Advice + Future of Sex with Brianna Rader

A conversation with sex education advocate Brianna Rader about sex tech, toys, communication, and the future of sex.


Episode 75 :: A Conversation About Boundaries + Female Anatomy + Erotic Encounters with Sheri Winston

Join wholistic sexuality teacher and author Sheri Winston and me as we go deep into the conversation about boundaries, how to develop them and live by them, the layers and levels of the female anatomy and staying powerful during erotic encounters


Episode 79 :: Orgasmic Meditation, Pleasure + Climax with Marga Berlinski

Marga Berlinski and I have a conversation between the US and The Netherlands about pleasure as access to creating what we desire, exploring new frontiers, getting vulnerable and the difference between orgasm and climax


Episode 56 :: Healing Trauma + Defining Your Sexual Pleasure with Kristina Campbell

We dive into healing sexual trauma, defining our pleasure, communication in the bedroom and the power of forgiveness with intimacy coach Kristina Campbell.


Episode 53 :: The Clitoris Is Not a DJ Booth, Vagina Visions and other musings with Morgen Love

Morgen Love and I are having a straight up sexy conversation about communication, consent, our desires, proper clitoral stimulation, and more as Morgen reads her musings for us live on the line.


Episode 70 :: Consensuality + Slow Play + Safer Sex Foreplay Convos with Rachael Maddox

Rachael Maddox who gives us the goods on healing trauma and learning to say no in powerful and sexy ways.


Episode 59 :: Sexual Freedom + Erotic Blueprints with Jaiya and Ian

This episode features somatic sexologist Jaiya and her partner Ian who are exploring the depths and edges of sexual and erotic freedom, relationship fulfillment and personal liberation.


And our #1 Episode of 2018…

Episode 68 :: Frog Farmers, Belly Fat, Emasculation + Misinterpretations with Alison Armstrong

A rapid fire conversation with men and relationship expert, Alison Armstrong as we go deep into several juicy topics including Frog Farmers, the Emasculation of Men, Misinterpretations in dating and romance, and more!


You can also catch all of our Ignite Intimacy conversations on iTunes, Spotify, Libsyn, Google, Stitcher and YouTube! See you in the new year!

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