75 :: A Conversation About Boundaries + Female Anatomy + Erotic Encounters with Sheri Winston

Episode Description

Sheri Winston is a Goddess Powerhouse. Her journey as a midwife led her to develop and teach some of the most powerful and groundbreaking work on the exploration of the female anatomy and female sexual pleasure.

This conversation is a deep dive into the power of setting boundaries. Sheri shares with us her process for discovering what your boundaries are and how to stick to them when your in the midst of erotic encounters and your brain is like mush.

Sheri also shares in depth about the female anatomy and the many layers and levels to our own potentials for pleasure.

Episode 75 of Ignite Intimacy is powerful and juicy… you’re going to love it!!

Sheri Winston – BIO

Wholistic Sexuality teacher, author, and founder of the Intimate Arts Center, Sheri Winston offers pleasure-centered sex-ed for grown-ups with a wide variety of practical and transformational intimate arts education. She delights in inspiring people to have a lot more pleasure, fun and fulfillment!



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