The Ignite Intimacy Podcast 1 Year Anniversary!!

Holy Moly!! The Ignite Intimacy Podcast is 1 year!

As you may know, 1 year ago in late July I made an announcement that I was launching a new project that would create space to contribute to the growing conversation on sexuality, intimacy, romantic relationships and all the juicy (and many times taboo) topics that are aching to be shared, discussed and explored on greater levels!

Well… 1 year ago this conversation started when the Ignite Intimacy Podcast went LIVE on iTunes on August 1st 2016!!

I am proud to share that we have kept the podcast going and now have 36 episodes LIVE via iTunes, iHeart Radio, and GooglePlay!

Listeners are tuning in from all over the world from United States, Canada, UK, Japan, Australia, Romania, Italy, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia (Wow!!) and elsewhere! This is sooo exciting!

We’ve covered a diverse array of topics from polyamory and open relationships to kink and BDSM to empowered communication in romantic relationships and how to heal from sexual trauma in order to deepen intimacy in your relationships.

Here’s what one of our listeners said.. 

‘It takes a rare skill to open up a raw discussion about sensuality, sexuality, and relationship. Ms. LAH has done that in a way that anyone can relate, learn and grow from. Truly grateful for the amazing energy you’ve captured here and I can’t wait for future episodes!’
~Amy Cavalier, Journalist, Writer

Have you tuned in yet?

If not, all good.. I’ve got you covered!

Access episodes of the Ignite Intimacy via
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(Just click on one of the links above to start listening now!)

Another listener said…

‘I’m listening and loving it. Your voice is soothing and the topic is one that I have great interest in lately. I think you’re on the edge of something amazing here! Cry, laugh, scream.. This is pure beauty, honesty and inspiration wisdom!’

Don’t know where to start? Maybe you want to awaken your senses with one of our top episodes:

My #1 episode EVER was a deep and personal discussion with Adrial from the H (Herpes) Opportunity about making disclosure sexy!In episode 12, Neil Sattin, Chloe Urban and I touched on how sexual trauma can hold you back from experiencing intimacy, love, and connection:
In episode 9, I discussed pleasure and power with photographer Lindsay Miller:

I’d LOVE to hear from you!

Comment below to let me know if you’ve listened to any of the episodes. If so, how have you been impacted?! Have you learned anything? Were you grossed out, confused or turned off? Or were you turned on, energized and excited to learn more and explore?!

Giving Thanks for your love & support!

Ps… If you would like me to share YOUR story of igniting intimacy or having an awakening with regards to romantic relationships, sexuality or any of the topics related to these subjects, or if you know anyone who may want to be IN ON THE CONVERSATION, please email me at

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