42 :: Diversity + Inclusion + Sex Ed with Dirty Lola

Episode Description

On this week’s episode we’re going in on a sex + diversity conversation with the one and only Dirty Lola, edutainer and creator of the live sex Q&A, variety show and podcast Sex Ed A Go-Go.
We discuss the need for more diversity at sex events, how founders, hosts and producers who claim they’re inclusive can actually be real about it and touch on serious issues like racism, white privilege, and colorism. Join us as we encourage everyone to educate themselves on the real meanings of diversity and inclusion.
The time is now.. especially for the white community to step up and take action.
Here are a few ways to get active.. educate yourself by reading articles, books, listening to podcasts like ‘Scene on Radio’s’ series ‘Seeing White,’ have conversations with people in your and other communities, and definitely speak up when you see, hear or experience racism, micro aggressions or discrimination first hand.
Tune in to Episode 42, Diversity + Inclusion + Sex Ed with Dirty Lola!!

Dirty Lola: BIO

Dirty Lola has spent the last six years sharing her personal journey into body- and sex-positivity, kink and polyamory through shows, workshops, and bachelorette parties. Her sex positive talk show and revue is performed live and based in New York City, where anonymous questions about all things sexual are answered in a fun and informative way by Lola and her Pussy Posse.
Find Dirty Lola at: 

Twitter: @DirtyLola,  @SexEdAGoGo

Instagram: @DirtyLola

Facebook:  facebook.com/DirtyLolaSEAGG



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