Ignite Intimacy Podcasts 2-5




2 :: Put More Love On It with Abba Yahudah

“Loved this!!!!!! This interview with Abba is fantastic! Thank you to you both for sharing this conversation with us all. I will be letting this all sink in throughout the day! I’m looking forward to listening to more when time allows!”


3 :: Courageous Relational Explorer with Dana Saylor

“I’m always happy to see new media creators that promote healthy exploration. So, thank you for doing what you do! It’s important, and relevant, and necessary, and beautiful.”


4 :: Exploring Porn with N’Jelle and Guy

‘Boom! Keep up the heat!’


5 :: Exploring the Idea of “Sweet Surrender” with Diana M. Joice

“You GO LAH! What intriguing topics you’ve chosen to highlight: sex, intimacy, relationships and transparency! Your voice sounds so professional! I loved the poem at in the beginning (episode). And I want to hear more about you and your story as we go along!”

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