Ignite Intimacy Podcasts 14-17

ignite-intimacy_web_banner_black_shadowignite-intimacy-episodes-14-1714 :: Soul Brother ~ Soul Sistar Relationships with Sarah Haykel

“What intriguing topics you’ve chosen to highlight”

15 :: Sex, The Military & Discovering your Ideal Sexual Identity and Relationship Style with Dr. Liz Powell

“I’m so grateful for this new outlet which will allow us to tap into her and her circle of amazingly talented, courageous and inspiring friends and acquaintances”

16 :: Making STD Disclosure Sexy with Adrial from The ‘H’ (Herpes) Opportunity

“Your podcast was a tremendous blessing. I’ve been in a slump lately, and hearing the podcast has given me the desire to continue forward in my journey of learning to love myself and being open to receiving love from others”

17 :: Inviting Desire, Sex & Intimacy Communication Tips with Walker Thornton

“Truly grateful for the amazing energy you’ve captured here”

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